Thursday, February 26, 2009


Owen & his parents arrived home tonight about 8:45pm ~ and, boy where we happy to greet them! Since they live relatively close by (in our development) we all headed down to house with the kids to wait. Waiting turned into a fun-for-all :) The kids had a blast running around with their friends ~ how exciting!The kids waiting to meet Owen

Eddie feels the excitement in the air :)

"Where's Owen?"

There he is!

Ella waits to meet her new little brother
with Meg & Mia!

They're Home!!!!

Melissa greeted by her kids!

Here he is. . .
Owen greeted everyone with a smile :)
What a darling little boy he is!

Ella meets her little brother ~

They held hands from the moment they met!!

It was so very special to see these two little ones
so connected already.
It is something I will never forget.
Mia & Owen reach out to each other ~

Meggie meets Owen!

~ Family ~

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Oh, this mommy has a happy heart! We spent Valentine's Day as a family, ordered in some Chinese food and watched a movie together. Eddie & I made chocolate covered strawberries; which is sort of our tradition and he also wanted to make chocolate covered pretzels - mmm, mmmm!

~ taste test ~

~ "Mmmmmmm" ~

~ making a picture for daddy ~

~ Valentine Princess concentrating ~

When we put Mia down for her nap, daddy went to the store, Anthony was outside; and Eddie & I spent some fun time together. After we made our desserts, he got dressed and was in a "modeling" mood! He is just so handsome and such a character! How I love my "crazy eddie"!

~ what a boy ! ~

"I smile because you're my brother, I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it"!
I love this saying, and have it on a little plaque in the playroom :)

The day started out with a dentist appt. for Anthony. I had to bring my big boy to get his first cavity filled ~ I held his hand the entire time (and held Mia in my other arm!), and I think I was squeezing his hand harder than he was mine! He was very brave, but it was hard for me to see him so afraid, unsure and scared. Sometimes being a mom can be soooo hard. I have been so upset that he has a cavity at 10 yrs old - I don't remember getting them so young! Anyhow, it is over and he is fine - he just has to do a better job of brushing the sides of his teeth.

Three of the four loves of my life

(um, three of the five if we're counting Penny too :)

**Our friends & neighbors, Brian & Melissa are in China at this moment getting ready to meet their little guy! They spent Valentine's Day on the Great Wall of China ~ awesome! We are anxiously awaiting their first photos together as they meet their son. Oh, does it bring back memories, wonderful memories :)

Hope everyone had a lovely

Valentine's Day!

(even it it wasn't spent on the Great Wall :)

Sunday, February 08, 2009


We went to another awesome birthday party ~ this time is was for our favorite twins, Max & Madison's 4th birthday party at a farm! Happy twosome!

My girl had the BEST time & was all smiles!

Here she is by the pony rides, which she opted out of :)

Brandon (my godson) hops right on!

Mia loved the goats!

We were all given a bottle to feed the goats; however

"our" goat snactched it out of my hands:
and knew just what to do :)

Maddy & her big sis, Alexa
Mia rides the train with Bran
blurry, but oh so happy 4 year olds!

This was such a fun party ~ we did soooo much. Besides feeding the goats & pony rides, the kids were able to hold/pet a bunny, ride a train ,watch a chicken show, etc, etc! A funny party moment included: the birthday kids yelling "no animals!!" as soon as they pulled up to THEIR farm party :)
All in all, the adjusted to all the excitement and ended up having a wonderful time; as did everyone else!

Friday, February 06, 2009


The day of Mia's birthday, her China sister, Meaghan came by (if you haven't popped over there yet, you should ~ Meggie's mom posted a beautiful post about the girls and Mia's birthday).

This last shot of Mia "jumping for joy" is just too funny! You see, while we were trying desperately to get a smile out of both the same time...I would count and pretend I was going to jump real high in the air. Like mother, like daughter :)

After dropping Eddie off at the bus stop for afternoon kindergarten, Mia and I met grandma & poppy at build-*bear! We thought having a nice cuddly bear/animal from her grandparents may give their relationship a little boost! Since my parents are the only ones we allow to babysit the kids, Mia associates seeing them with mommy leaving! Not good! Even when my parents come over just to see the kids, Mia will shy away from them and stick to me like glue. I try to assure her I am NOT leaving, but it is very difficult. So, we thought this small gesture might help...
Mia was excited and thrilled to pick out an animal. Decisions, decisions - oh boy, decisions - it took quiet a while :) When "we" finally picked out this adorable bunny, she seemed very happy and placed the little heart inside the bunny. When the lady started the machine to "fluff" the bunny ~ Mia screamed and cried, frightened of the noise! I was honestly shocked (as was her daddy when I told him the story), loud noises have never scared her! I didn't realize until later that she was not feeling well! She ended up with a high fever this night that has lasted a few days. Poor girl!
I really felt awful for my parents. . . I could see how sad they were that Mia was upset. Wow, what a moment! When Mia and I got home, she was so happy with her bunny and it's croc*s! I did call my parents and tell them how much fun she was having with the bunny and she even slept with it during her nap!

wild hairdo=where her bow was!

crazy girl!

Yes, my Mia
you are
"One of a kind"!
("Can you make this into a bow mommy?")
*Mia had her 1st speech session on Thursday. It went very well and she seemed to be intrigued by the therapists bag of toys :) Mia sat on the floor with her for a while while mommy kept "busy" within her eyesight. She is very receptive to learning and repeated after her and did put two words together, "Me more" for Mia wants more, "wah apple" for want an apple - not bad for her first 3o minutes! I got a few helpful hints and plan to put them into action on a daily basis. I am so excited we have begun and I know this will help Mia tremendously.