Sunday, September 30, 2007


*Very hard to get a good picture of my three kiddos. I do not give up long as it many camera cards as I have to fill up...I will not surrender!!


Mommy & I took a trial class today at Meaghan and Taylors dance class ~ you think mom's trying to make me a girly girl??
I started off the morning with a wholesome breakfast: Cheerios of course - the obsession continues!

"Cheerios just make me...well, HAPPY!"

"Dance class was fun, I liked the mirrors; but
everyone took their shoes off! How dare they!"

"I think I could be a dancer"

"The scarves where...interesting"

"I think I need a ballet outfit and the shoes, of course!"
(Mia, Meaghan, "cute girl" and Taylor strut their stuff)

"I loved shaking the pom poms"

"That's Meaghan, me and Tayor with our pom poms"

"That's Meaghan and her mommy"
"Meaghan & Taylor under the parachute!"
What a fun way to start off a Saturday morning ~ thanks girls for letting mommy and me join in on the fun. We will definetly see you next week!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


"Guess what I found again? Mommys shoe"...

"There you are mommy, you NEED to put this on!"

"Please, put your shoe on!"

"Ahhhh, all is right in the world, mom's shoes are on!"

Mia has an obsession with MY shoes being on. If she happens to find my shoes under the table, in the landry room, by the back door, etc. - she will pick them up and march on over to me. When I put one on she will giggle the sweetest giggle you have EVER heard and run back for the other shoe! She gets such a kick out of this after the shoes are on, beforehand she looks at me like I am nuts for taking them off in the first place. This has gone on a lot and I'm glad I have pictures to prove it!

"Look what I found, AGAIN!"

"Mommy you are silly and need to wear your shoes!"

"Mission accomplished, now don't take them off again!"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This weekend we had a few, rather Mia had some visitors :)

Meaghan Grace, her brother, Mikey and mom and dad stopped by in the morning:

Mia and her girlfriend, Meaghan Grace ...

The girls shared Cheerios

Very hard to get a picture - they're always on the go!

Then in the afternoon Mia's Aunts stopped by for a visit with the princess. Thank you Aunts for giving Mia her space. I know it was hard not to pick her up, but thank you for giving her this time she needs to adjust.

Aunt Michie admires Mia (eating Cheerios, of course)

Aunt Debbie poses with Mia (yup, those are Cheerios!)

Mommy gives some love to her girl :)

Oh, how I adore you Mia!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


It has been 3 weeks since Mia Hope Yudan was handed to me. I remember on the bus ride over to the civil affairs office how my heart was beating so hard in my almost hurt. I was so very nervous and so were the other 2 moms-to-be...I just wanted to get to that room and get our girl!

The pictures below are from our "China-buddies", Michelle & David (Lia's parents); David took so many incredible pictures and was nice enough to send them to us! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!

I am on the left, Michelle on the right. We are peeking
down the hall because I heard babies!!!

We are back at the door again, I was a trouble-
maker and could not keep myself inside the room!

Here she comes! I just had my eyes on her the
entire time they walked towards me!

What a moment - I carefully grab for her -wow!

Finally holding my daughter, my daughter!!!

Mia was upset at hearing another babies cries, I remember
her bottom lip pouting like she was about to cry. I took out
stacking cups and Cheerios from my "magic bag" of tricks :)
(She loves this bag I brought with me to China and whenever
she sees it in the kitchen she grabs for it and goes through it -
too funny!)

This woman who brought Mia in to me turned out
to be the Asst. Director of her SWI. She came over
to say good-bye and was playing with her for the
loooooooongest time. It was sweet at first,but then
I just wanted to have Mia to myself and start out
bonding. I was watching, gwacking and waiting to
get Mia back, but I didn't want to be disrespectful...

She's in my arms again :) This was taken downstairs
in the lobby of the civil affairs office - Mia has a family!



We love you honey - have a great day!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I really was right on target when I named my blog "China Princess" back in June of 2006; little did I know what a princess we were to have :)

Mia continues to thrive and show more and more of her personality and just how smart she is (spoken like a true mommy in love, I know!). She seems to understand more each day; waves hello and good-bye, shakes her head "yes" and "no" and we taught her to blow kisses last night ~precious!

Oh, I just remembered I didn't post about our first outing; which was last Monday (before Anthony broke his arm). I was at the store with my parents and Mia was in the stroller. I was waiting on line and a "cute" little old man comes up to me and says, "Oh, I've always wanted to get myself one of those, how much did she cost?". Keep in mind, this is the FIRST time I've been out in public with my girl and this is what I encounter!!!!!??? I took a deep breath and said, "oh, you mean the stroller?" (I tried to get him out of it...). "No", he shakes his head and points to my daughter, "no, how much was she? And where do I get one?". Thank goodness I've read a lot on this subject and I just told him, "she is priceless" ~ plain and simple...

The nerve!!!!!!!!!!! I was fuming, but my parents thought he was just and old (senial) man and didn't mean any harm ~ still, It pissed me off. I"m sure its not the first time, but; come on - this was our very first outing!!

"I love to smile!"



Cutie pie...


Couldn't a princess find a better place for a nap??? (I often find Mia curled up on the floor like this. I'm sure this is how she napped in the orphanage: find a cool place on the floor and just rest). Couldn't you just eat her up!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Wow, I have 3 children! Sometimes it just...hits me! I'm the mom of three!

There has been a lot of bonding and learning about one another going on around well as sibling rivarly ~ just like any other house with kids. Mia is really doing well : sleeping well (she will wake during her nap at least once just to see that I am there or where she is. I walk in and pat her back or pick her up for a minute and then put her down and leave and she is usually fine!) and during the night, she can wake up from once to ...well, a few times crying. I will pat her back or pick her up for a minute and put her right down. She calms right down (usually) and I am amazed at how well that is going.

She is eating better and better and trying new things. She had scrambled eggs and toast 2 mornings in a row! Still NO bottle or milk or formula though...that still worries me. I will get the Prov-Vit's and I'm sure it will make me feel better at least!

Mia is constantly smiling; however, she can be VERY stubborn and still has her "screaming-mimi" fits usually when I can't figure out what she wants.

Oh, the funniest thing is that she will bring me my shoes because she LOVES to go outside! If she sees my sunglasses she just about hypervenilates and yells and wants me to put them on and go outside! Look out if I'm busy and cannot go out at her beck and call ~ I'm sure you can hear her in CA!!

Enjoy the pic's below:

Eddie & Mia go for a ride

The 3 kids in the hallway

Penny is never far behind!

Look out, here comes trouble!

She is very determined...she sees the STEPS!

"I can do it!"

"Yaaaay, I did do it!"

Anthony feeds Mia her snack