Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ooooo, this little girl! I could eat her cuteness up ~

you can't really tell from the picture, but she had 2 low ponytails,

and it took all my control not to gobble her up!

Mia had her 2 year check-up + catch up vaccines the other day. My poor girl must have had some back experiences in the past because she shakes and cries and screams the ENTIRE time we are at the doctor. The minute we leave, she's her old self again!

She is finally on the charts, in the 25 percentile (21lbs, 10 oz)! She is finally over 20 lbs ~ hooray! As our ped. mentioned, "she was scrawny when she first came home", and "it is amazing what some good nutrition will do". After Mia was weighed in and we went back to the room, she was grabbing her clothes on the exam table and trying to get them on. All the while she was pitifully saying, "bye-bye" and waving frantically. My heart was aching for her ~ she was SO scared. I wanted to yell - "just give her the shots already!!!" when they wanted her to do an eye exam!? She was inconsolable, needless to say, the vision test was postponed!!

The little miss wasn't the only one crying. . . when the doctor reviewed her immunization schedule he recommended doing the MMR that day with the chicken pox vaccine ~ I've been so nervous about this with all the autism scares. We talked it over and after balling MY eyes out (I apologized over and over, but I found it very emotional. I went through so much to get Mia - I'm just so afraid for anything to happen to her) I trusted our pediatrician.

So glad that visit is behind us ~ we go back in another month for two more "zaps", then the follow month for one "zap" and Mia is caught up on all vaccines!

On to some more cuteness. Mia got a pair of big girl pj's for her birthday and she looked oh so scrumptious in them:

And, one of our Penny-girl just because she is a beautiful dog inside in out. I love our puppy-girl so, so much. She is so patient with the kids (especially Mia!) and all she wants and gives is

L O V E !

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The day after Mia's big party we took her for some more bling! Oh boy, did I feel guilty as she walked and giggled through the mall (on our way to the piercing booth!). I gave daddy the job of holding her while two woman took their sides and "bam" it was done! It really was awful (this is coming from someone with a needle phobia) -

I have to give my girl credit - she fought SO hard! Did I say it was AWFUL! My stomach was turning and I felt horrible guilt until . . .

Oooo, so pretty!
She looks just darling ~ especially with her lack of hair ~
you can really see her pretty little ears sparkle!

"No biggy, mom!"
Afterwards, I asked Eddie if he wanted to get his ears pierced (poor guy was watching the entire time). He screamed "NO!" Yeah, let's keep it that way!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

~ SNOW ~

It was a beautiful morning to wake up, look outside and see the snow falling ~ big, beautiful flakes! The trees were covered and so were the roads ~ I was so glad the kids were off for winter break, we could just stay home and enjoy the snow!

Eddie's smile says it all!


Anthony starts on his snow fort. . .

"I fell and I can't get up!"

Sled picture 2008!

The boys pose with their buddy - now that's a bolder!

Strutting her stuff!
O.k., let me explain: we had the "car potty" in the garage because we just traded in our 2005 minivan. We took all the "stuff" out of the old car and put it in the garage and I didn't get a chance to "restock" the new minivan...

Miss Mia decided she was ready to potty train !
Mommy and Mia had enough of the cold and ventured inside for lunch. The boys lasted another hour and 1/2. I had to call them in when it started sleeting. They were soaked, red-cheeked and happy! Of course, hot cocoa was waiting for them :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


We're having some nice and slow days off from school around here. I'm enjoying having my boys around all day (most of the time) ~ being lazy and doing what we want to do. "E" has gotten into coloring and drawing lately ~ this is new for him! "A" has always enjoyed coloring with mommy (one of my favorite things!) and with him in school all day, doing homework and out with friends...well, I've almost lost my art-buddy! So, it's so nice that my little guy is sharing this interest with me.

Playing around with my new camera ~ ohhhhhhhhhh, look at these faces!! They are so different inside and out... yet similar ~ if that makes sense! (Sorry no pictures of Mia, she was running around too much to catch a nice close-up!)

The picture below is Mia with her cousins and brothers.
Does anyone else have trouble taking group shots???!!
It's funny, when I look at this photo of Mia with the boys ~ I also have brothers and only male first cousins. Mia does, however, have 4 girl cousins!! She has met two of them, but she has yet to meet the other two ~ Mia has the best of both worlds: rough and tough boy play, but then she will also have girly stuff to look forward too!
Hope everyone is having a nice winter recess ~ looking forward to spring!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I wanted to tell you a bit about your godparents. They are very special people, of course, or we would not have chosen them for this special role. I met your godmommy in junior high school in an art class. Your mommy, clumsy as she still is, tripped into art class on the first day; and I looked up and who was laughing at me, but your Aunt Debbie ~ we became instant friends; and 20+ years later. . . here we are!

I finally got around to posting pictures of Mia opening her gifts with her godmommy (godfather was working that day!). Mia received a gorgeous "princess" braclet from her godparents (among a ton of other gifts) ~ she wore it the day of her party ~ oh, is it sweet! It has a tiara and a princess coach dangling from it! Fit for a true China Princess!

Mia you are blessed to have Aunt Debbie & Uncle Glen as your godparents. I just love the pictures above, you can see the love in Aunt Debbie's eyes!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Yes, yes we're big Giants fans!
Congratulations to the Giants ~ that was an awesome game you played!

*I'm so behind on posting pictures, and the boys wanted to know if I'd posted about the Giants big win...
ummmm, here you go guys, this ones for you!! (Also, had to post a pic of Mia in her Giants dress :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Can it be . . .

~ we healed each others hearts ~


Oh boy, do I have a ton of pictures from Miss Mia's celebrations ~ since my blog is giving me "slide-show" problems...I will post a few pictures ~ you'll get the idea :)

Right after the christening, we headed over to Mia's birthday celebration at a local hall. I brought Mia into the restroom and changed her into her party dress ~ I have been so excited to put her in this dress ~ oh, what a dress it is!

"Hi, let's go to my party!"

"Mommy and daddy caught me for one picture!"

"Mommy and her old-friends (I couldn't even look!)"

"Mommy and her new-friends!"

"Taylor and Meggie loved looking out the window with me"

"Ooooo, look at the water!"

"The only time I sat the entire day!"

"Eddie loves his cousin, Joey"

Annie eats with Uncle Frank & Aunt Mary!

"Can I open them now?"


Taking a little snooze

The magician entertained everyone!

Even the little ones!

Anthony wanted to get "sawed" in half ~ he's so brave! Meggie tries to wake Mia
"Mia it's time for cake, wake up!"
"Happy Birthday dear Mia!"

"Taste it daddy!"


"My wonderful brothers!"

The only time I could get a picture of all three kids...eating their cake!

"Thank you for coming to my party!"