Thursday, March 27, 2008


We have had some Spring-like weather and the kids want to be outside ALL the time. It's so nice to see all the neighborhood kids outside playing and running around. It's even nicer to have Mia home with us to enjoy this great time of year! She just loves to be outside, like her brothers ~ I always joke that for a girl who comes from southern China - a very tropical, steamy kind of area; she doesn't seem to mind cold or wind or chill! Running for joy!

"what-cha lookin' at?"

Big mamma!

"E" found a patch of dirt in the middle of the lawn.

He added water and made the leaves into "boats"

in his little "pond" ~ I never get bored watching him!

As soon as big brother went to get a drink,

Mia snuck on over to check out the scene

(as she munches on her "un-ice cream cone" ~ just a cone)

Fresh air!!!!

On this day it wasn't as warm, but Eddie found the crocus' had bloomed and was very excited. He got his little watering can out and some gardening tools and he was good to go.

Uh oh, she found the chalk!

Anthony and his buddies gravitated towards the hop scotch "board" I made on the driveway. I had to take pictures for future "black mailing" :)

"This is how it's done boys!"

Monday, March 24, 2008


We hope everyone enjoyed their Easter ~ we did! It was a nice day spent with our family, you can't get any better than that. Our big boy woke us all . . . when I heard him (over the monitor in Mia's room) I was not happy! We had to laugh though, when we heard him saying to Mia, "you want MAMA?", "what Mia? You want MAMA?" ~ he'll never make it as a spy!

The kids wait for the o.k. , "get your baskets!"

Such a love, how could I be angry at him?

Happy boy!

Mia goes everywhere with this bunny pocketbook!

Big hugs!!!
The Easter Bunny left Penny a ladybug toy!

Sitting pretty

This purple sweater was the icing on the outfit
so pretty and so feminine

Ooooooo, how I love them!!!

After Mia's nap we headed over to my brother and sister-in-laws house for Easter dinner. The boys love to spend time with their cousins, Frankie and Joey who are months apart from them in age! Grandma and Poppy were also there ~ they just adore seeing their grandparents!!

More Easter baskets!

My little princess!

"princess" Joey!

Eddie hangs out with his cousin!

Eddie loves his grandma...

Poppy helps Mia down the steps
time for an egg hunt!

We had such a delicious dinner ~ there was something for everyone! My nephews love to help their parents cook ~ great job on the lasagna Frankie!! They also made so many yummy desserts . . . Frankie makes a "mean" key lime pie! Thanks for a great afternoon/evening ~ we love you guys!
Dessert time!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


We had our egg coloring party the other night. The kids (and grown-ups) always look forward to this; with our families there is always lots of craziness and laughs! All lined up and ready to color our eggs

Mia bascially "collected" items in her frying pan

(she does have a pretty pink egg though!)

Waiting for the perfect color is the hardest part


Right after this picture was taken, 'someone'
knocked over some blue dye all over Maddy's pretty sweater!
You're a troooper "M" !

Let the egg hunt begin!
I let Aunt Debbie hide the eggs,
she did such a "good" job that
I am
still finding eggs to this day!!
"I found one!"

After coloring eggs and our egg hunt

we sang happy birthday to


and happy birthday to Alexa...

Maddy & Max decided they wanted in on the b-day song too, so....
"happy birthday to you guys too!"

We are all ready for the big bunny to hop on over to our house!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter day!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"You want me to sit where?"

Waiting on line to see the Easter Bunny!

Mia cautiously waves hello to the big bunny

They walk circles around him...

No one wants to get too close ...
The "thrill" of the Easter Bunny!

We hopped on over to the mall to see the Easter Bunny

Do you notice "someone" is missing?

My big boy opted to stay out of this years picture,

he said he knows the bunny in the mall isn't the real Easter Bunny. ..

"sigh", I guess that's conversation for another post.

After lunch the doorbell rang, it was our sweet mailman with a package from China!


He was laughing at how much the postage was, but after I explained how cheap the squeaky shoes are and how many I bought; he smiled and walked back to his truck...

"I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven. . ."

You all know how much my Mia loves shoes!

Penny was shocked at the sqeaking and thought they were dog toys!

Mia got such a kick out of Penny's enthusiasm that she ran all over!

"Come on Penny!"

"Thank you, Mommy"

Anthony's first band recital was tonight and I was beyond excited! The kids were told to dress as if they were going to " a fancy restaurant" and my boy looked SO handsome!!

He was a bit nervous

All the kids had a "solo" which they played with another person(s)

"A" was afraid his partner wouldn't show up and he'd be alone

This didn't happen though. . .

"A" and his partner were wonderful!

I was beaming with pride (still am!)

Auntie Michelle was there to cheer on Meggie's brother, Devin.

Mia is asking, "where's Meggie???"

This last photo was taken by my mother, the professional photographer.

If anyone is interested, her fees are extremely reasonable.