Thursday, August 19, 2010


Daddy started his 2 week vacation this week! Hooray! We have all been looking forward to this time and have been having a fun week, so far. On Monday afternoon we headed to another park for some row boating. The lake was huge, but the water was...a bit gross. On the bottom of the lake there was what looked like trees growing!!! It was weird and not too pleasant! The view was beautiful and it was fun getting all 5 of us into a row boat without it tipping over!
The boys

The girls
I love how Mia is smiling up at me :)

Eddie rowing!

"skipping bread"
Daddy rowed us around for about 45 minutes ~ we started getting giddy and singing a Dora song "Isa turn the wheel, turn the wheel Isa!" We were laughing SO hard - even Daddy thought it was hysterical!


We celebrated Anthony's 12th bday last Sunday ~ the theme...FLAMINGO'S!! My boy is such a nut, such a flamingo lover...he's too funny and I just love everything about him :) I am very proud of my flamingo cake!!! Oh boy, did it make us smile!
Anthony was so happy with all the flamingo
decorations I found :)

I love this one of him stroking the flamingo...heee, heee!

Daddy & his little "cupcake"
I was thrilled to find this dress with little flamingo's
sewn on it!!! What are he odds?!
Ant & cousin, Frankie munching on app's

Joey & Eddie playing army, of course!

Poppy playing ladder ball with the kids

Aunt Debbie with Mia & Madison

The kids ready to go in the pool

Mia and Brandon



Piggy-back ride!
The weather started to go downhill,so we moved the party inside. At least the kids got to go in the pool a bit and play outside. We ended up eating inside, which was fine. The kids make fun wherever they are!

Fun on the daddys shoulders!

Madison & Mia
The girls are just SO cute together, holding hands and matching hairdos :)

Mia helping Daddy blow out his candles

Happy Birthday to my big boy!
What a fun, fun time we had...I still have a couple of days until my oldest turns 12...12!!! I just cannot believe how the years are flying by~ I am just so very proud of my boy and love him so very much!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Uncle Roy and Anne came for a visit over the weekend to celebrate Ed and Anthony's birthdays. We always have a fun and exciting time when they come over. They got to see the kids swim and they showed off all of their new "tricks". It was another beautiful day out to sit by the pool and have a bbq ~
Penny LOVES when U.Roy comes to visit~
and it has nothing to do with the bones he brings :)
Eddie playing with his new R/C boat - what a gift...and it's not even his bday!!

The Uncle with Ant, Mia and Eddie
Thanks for a great visit guys - we love you!


Eddie pretends these rocks are fish he caught ~
We've had some great beach days this summer ~ the kids love going to "Poppy &Gma's" beach; which is great, convient and relaxing!

Grandma and Mia

The water was so clear on this day - the kids just loved it! Somedays, I think after a rain the water can be "dirty" and have lots of seaweed floating around.

Eddie loves this new fish net
He didn't catch any real fish, but he had fun pretending~

"I caught some rocks!"

"swimming" back to shore!

I had to reel these cute little "fish" in over and over ~
they were SO funny, especially Eddie - he has the best fish impression EVER :)
While I caught pretend fish, Anthony tried to catch the real thing~
no luck, but he is obsessed with fishing this summer ~
he eats and breathes it!
I LOVE these photos of the boys~
They really love to play together and the age gap is closing -
it is so nice to see their friendship grow :)

Mia and Eddie spent a lot of time climbing this hill ~
boy, can they pretend! It's so funny to watch & listen to them playing!

Friday, August 06, 2010


Eddie somewhat enjoyed his week of baseball camp up at the HS - it was early! He had to be there by 8am and it wasn't easy getting him up and going. The coaches started off by showing them the rules of the game and played a game of kickball - look at my little kicker in motion!

Eddie was so happy his buddy, Ryan was at camp too!

Running down the hill to pass the time-

I love how Ant has his arm out protectively :)

This was the last wearing of this cute dress,

Mia was playing with some rocks and somehow ripped holes in it?!

While at Dicks Sporting Goods,
Mia and Eddie playing their favorite game "Mom & Dad" !
Anthony get a kick out of them yelling
"I'm the Mom" and "I'm the Dad" everytime!

P.S. of course we were here to get something related to FISHING!!!!