Thursday, August 19, 2010


We celebrated Anthony's 12th bday last Sunday ~ the theme...FLAMINGO'S!! My boy is such a nut, such a flamingo lover...he's too funny and I just love everything about him :) I am very proud of my flamingo cake!!! Oh boy, did it make us smile!
Anthony was so happy with all the flamingo
decorations I found :)

I love this one of him stroking the flamingo...heee, heee!

Daddy & his little "cupcake"
I was thrilled to find this dress with little flamingo's
sewn on it!!! What are he odds?!
Ant & cousin, Frankie munching on app's

Joey & Eddie playing army, of course!

Poppy playing ladder ball with the kids

Aunt Debbie with Mia & Madison

The kids ready to go in the pool

Mia and Brandon



Piggy-back ride!
The weather started to go downhill,so we moved the party inside. At least the kids got to go in the pool a bit and play outside. We ended up eating inside, which was fine. The kids make fun wherever they are!

Fun on the daddys shoulders!

Madison & Mia
The girls are just SO cute together, holding hands and matching hairdos :)

Mia helping Daddy blow out his candles

Happy Birthday to my big boy!
What a fun, fun time we had...I still have a couple of days until my oldest turns 12...12!!! I just cannot believe how the years are flying by~ I am just so very proud of my boy and love him so very much!!


Barb said...

Yes and you have good reason to be so proud of him...he is such a special boy...we are all lucky to have him in our lives. Love you Anthony!!!! You are the kindest, most patient boy I know!!!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Ant! You are such an awesome kid and I'm so proud to call you my amazing nephew! Hugs and Kisses!