Thursday, July 31, 2008


Mia Hope Yudan will be home with her family for ONE YEAR on September 3, 2008! I am already planning and thinking ~ I want to make that day a special one, of course. I would love to make a video of her first year home (not sure if I can accomplish that...), I have to pick out her first "gift" from China (we picked out about 17 gifts while in China to give to Mia on these "anniversaries") for her first family day.

Since our 12 month "anniversary" is just about here we had our last post-placement visit from our SW the other day. It went well (much LESS stressful than the 6 month visit went ~ I'll explain at the end !) and it was so nice to talk all about Mia, her accomplishments and to see how far she has come. I smile whenever I think of how our SW described Mia... "delicious" she said :)

Mia is thriving in most areas ~ she is such a little miracle ~ I'm still amazed that her little heart is healing itself and how she is such a healthy girl! We were prepared for the worst and got the best!! What a blessing! Oh, I stated "most areas" because we are having our girl evaluated by a speech therapist to see if she needs services. She will say one word here and there, but I know at 2 1/2 years old she should be putting at least 2 words together ~ hopefully with a little bit of help she'll be on her way to talking our ears off :)

Ok, I never posted about our 6 month post-placement visit because I was so stressed afterwards and I basically wanted to forget all about it! I usually find the humor in most situations and now I can post about the absurdity of it and how it is so "us" - everyone survived without a bump!! Let me explain. . . we had our 6 month visit with our SW and all was going well. Anthony was playing with Mia and making her giggle (as he usually does) and he was spinning her around and all of a sudden she arches her back and falls backwards hitting her head on the granite counter and then "boom" flat on her back on the wood floor!!! All I remember is crying ~ from everyone! My big boy was devastated, but Miss Mia did not even have a bump - "Wow" what a moment! And, all with our SW sitting right at the table - witnessed it all! Thankfully, she's a mom too and knows these things happen - but the timing of it all!

All I have left to say is:


Saturday, July 26, 2008


Oooooo La Laaaaaa! My girl has discovered dress up! I'm having so much fun watching her put these heels on and strutting around the house - it is hysterical! The boa is almost too much to handle!!
O.k., we have to draw the line somewhere!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We've been having some gloomy weather here lately. Yesterday we had one of the worst storms I've seen in a while; heavy rains, hail and high winds! Today, we hung around and I shot a few photos (and videos at the end of this post) of what the kids do on a rainy day: Thank goodness we got our power back late yesterday,
Mia was going through B*rney withdrawals!
Here she props herself to watch the purple guy!
Eddie has been obsessed with firemen!

He's ready for anything!

"I'm coming chief!"

As I mentioned before , one of Mia's favorites (besides B*arney) is "Sing and Dance with Mei Mei" ~ the songs are so catchy and even the boys join in:


Sunday, July 20, 2008


We've been busy spending time together, which has been nice. The kids are really enjoying the pool and it's been real hot here ~ so we've in and out of the pool all day long! We've had playdates, and also just last minute friends over ~ all good stuff!

Mia caught a cold and cough (which Eddie had the week before) except with her cold she ran a slight fever. . . only in the evening. She is better now, however she still has a bit of a cough. Nothing stops my girl though ~ I can tell she's not used to be "pampered" while sick (like 2 certain boys I know :) ~ Mia goes about her business playing or watching B*rney as she coughs or her nose runs. She will even and go and get her own tissue, blow her nose and throw it away! When she is sick and I go into her room at night ~ sometimes I will sit in the rocking chair with her ~ it is so nice to rock and just stare at her (she's not in motion for once!) and stroke her hair. I found myself many times rocking long after she was comforted, but you know that feeling when you just do not want to leave!?

Our weekend was quiet and we spent time as a family - we walked down by a local marina and had burgers and shakes ~ fun! I haven't taken many pictures lately (maybe I'm coming down with something!?), just hangin' with my kids and enjoying who they are :)

Mia has been really into dress up lately!

Here she put a fairy outfit on over her pj's and a tiara,

I hope she always feels like a fairy princess :)

Monday, July 14, 2008


Mia was given a very special gift yesterday ~ the gift was from Meaghan Grace and it was her 100 Good Wishes Quilt (I call it a quilt of love). At my shower last August, Meggie's mommy sent out a letter to our family and friends (unbeknowst to me) asking for a quilt square and a good wish note for Mia. She collected all the squares and notes and put them in a gorgeous scrapbook for Mia. It was a labor of love which Michelle's Aunt Sue continued: Aunt Sue has been sewing and crafting Mia's quilt over this past year and presented it to Michelle a few days ago while they were on vacation.

Michelle and her family came by yesterday for a BBQ and they presented Mia with her quilt. I am having a hard time putting into words the feelings I had when we opened the quilt. I was amazed at the details and then I started recongizing the squares. "Oh, that is from my grandfathers bathrobe that my grandma made him!", "and that, that is a piece from an apron I made my mom when I was little" and so on. . .

First off, Mia was given a smaller quilt for her to use and carry around. Aunt Sue crafted a kitty cat out of Mia's first dress - I am still amazed, how did Aunt Sue know Mia loves cats!? Oh boy, did Mia love this carry around quilt!! She hugged it and loved it ~ she really appreciated it!!

The dark brown on the cat is from the underskirt
of Mia's first dress. The butterflies are made from the dress itself.

"Kitty, I love you!"

She hugs the kitty!
One side has hearts with strips of the fabrics.
The hearts have lace trim and intricate details!

This side has each quilt square we were sent!
Yes, Mia has wrapped herself in her small quilt!
Can you tell she loves it?!
Mia points out the panda bears!

Michelle shows me Aunt Sue's "plans"

Mia's 1st dress,with a piece from the belt on it!

Making herself comfortable
It was so nice to spend some time with our friends, as they have been on vacation the past 2 weeks. The kids enjoyed the pool and each others company ~ they all get along so well. What a blessing!

Itsy bitsy flowery bikini

Mia & Meg floating

The big boys had a ball swimming and playing sports.

The little boys get along so well also.
Here, they watch their big brothers!

They loved getting filthy together too!

The first of many nights
Mia is wrapped in the love of her quilt :)

*We will treasure this gift of love always ~ we have been blessed in so many ways, one of which is with the friendship our girls created; even before they came home. Thank you all !

Saturday, July 12, 2008


My parents are lucky enough to live a few blocks from a beautiful beach. We met our family down at the beach yesterday and this happened to be Mia's first time ever at the beach! She was curious, yet hesitant. . .

"Poooo", she points to the water and says "pool"

Mia walked around with her water shoes on

and then wanted them off. She would not step off

the blanket ~ happy to sit with mommy!

She dug in the sand. . . on the blanket!

While Mia stuck close to "home" , the boys enjoyed time playing with their cousins. Eddie and Joey played down by the water, while Anthony and Frankie dug "trenches" deeper and deeper!

Mia loves her cousin, Krissy!

This is Mia's reaction whenever I
tried to put her feet in the sand!
She would NOT let her feet touch,
and daddy caught her "determination" on camera!!
I ended up getting Mia to put her water shoes back on and she did walk around the beach with me. I showed her how to throw the rocks in the water and she really started enjoying herself. It was so cute - whenever she threw a rock and it didn't reach the water - she would go and get that exact rock and pick it up again to throw...until she got it in the water!

My niece took my camera and took a few pictures of Mia and I on the lifeguard chair:

Thank you Kris, I will treasure these pictures - Mia's hugs are special and SO awesome!!
We ended our night by making a small bonefire and roasting marshmellows:

It was a beautiful night spent with a beautiful family ~ we love you all!