Friday, June 29, 2007


I walked past Anthony this morning, he was sitting at the island drawing ~ nothing unusual for him. Then, I peeked over his shoulder and saw this!

I guess Mia is on EVERYONE'S mind. We are so anxious to have you here with us Mia. We truly love you and you are in our hearts ~

Wednesday, June 27, 2007 - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Oh, Mia! I just love writing her name! I also love saying her name, Mia, it sounds like a song ~ can you tell I'm in love?

The boys are also very excited - Anthony has been carrying around a tiny picture of her where ever he goes! Eddie is getting used to the idea of Mia, he has been "fixing" her room (which is another post - we have to get started making a girly-girl room!) and bringing his tools up there. That is his way of dealing with all the changes that are to come. Although, the other night at dinner he was counting how many "people" are at our table "1-2-3-4, yup that's enough people", Eddie said. Hmmm, we'll just let that one go :)

I have been seeing conflicting number of days to get the Letter of Acceptance (LOA). I've seen a lot of 100 day waits or more, however, recently there were quiet a few that got theirs in 2 months! I know if you were in the review room your wait would be on the shorter end. We were "pending review", for a looooooong time and I'm not sure where that leaves us....I just know we are ready!!!

The boys and I did some shopping for Mia's care package! We are in the process of printing photos for the baby photo album, I've been sleeping with a baby doll (hopefully Mia will find my scent pleasing!) and we have the camera for the nannies to take some pictures; and a cute ladybug toy that is the same as the one Meaghan Grace's mommy sent in her care package a few months back - thanks Michelle & Meaghan! I still need just a few more things and would like to get it mailed out by the end of the week.

I have my letter all ready to send to the CIS because our fingerprints need to be redone. They expire in November - it would be nice to travel WAY before then, but you never know and I don't want that hanging over our heads.

I am so excited - and scared - and just feel like I'm moving in slow motion these days! I think about Mia so much and it is so hard knowing who she is and not being able to hold her...all I know, is once I hold her I will NEVER let go! Oh, the thought of holding her, puts a big :) on my face ~

Sunday, June 24, 2007


YES, we know who our daughter is ~ our China Princess.!

I want to shout it from the roof and tell everyone I know ( even strangers in the grocery store) that our girl is beautiful and sweet and has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!

I will not post a picture until we have our LOA, but we just received something equivilent to a PA and I could not wait any longer to share our wonderful news!

Mia is 16 months old, she was born on February 2, 2006;
and is from the Guangxi Province.
Let me share some of how this all came to be:

I fell in love with Mia when I read about her on our agencys WC list on April 27th. She was described as "quiet and gentle", " she likes talking and joking". Also, many of her characteristics sounded like my Anthony as a baby:"If you talk to her in a loud voice, she would be afraid." and "She does not like a noisy environment" all of which could have described my boy - he was always covering his ears or crying when his aunt spoke to him in a loud voice ! They went on to say," She likes to sit in the chair watching the adults talk..." my mother has often told stories of how I would just sit with her and her friends while they talked and I also vividly remember these moments, just feeling so happy to be sitting with all of them.

Mia's SN is that she has a VSD (ventricular septal defect or a "hole" in the heart). My little guy was actually born with two heart defects (VSD & ASD -aortal septal defect), which have both closed. He had his last "checkup" in August of 2006 where they declared that both holes had closed and his new diagnosis is a functional heart murmur!

I will, obviously, blog A LOT more about our new daughter ~ for now I wish for you all to keep Mia in your prayers ~ that we can get to our daughter as quickly as possible (humanly possilbe!)~ and that maybe, just maybe someone else out there will consider a SN child. It is not an easy road and it is a very emotional decision; but if you listen to your heart, as I did, you may indeed find the child that is meant for you and your family ~

This is one of the proudest days of my life ~ being able to share this joy ~ that is Mia

Monday, June 18, 2007


We had another beautiful, sunny & warm weekend. I just had to post our Penny-girl enjoying an ice pop! Whenever the boys eat anything, Penny is right there waiting (as is any dog!) ~ we just cannot resist watching Penny enjoy food:

We planned a nice, relaxing Father's Day ~ and the weather cooperated with our plans. Anthony & Eddie started the day by giving Daddy his gifts and lots of hugs. Most of the day was spent in and around the pool.
The boys and I made Daddy's favorite cake ~ carrot cake! We also got some steaks and made some of his favorite sides. He was so appreciative and thanked us over and over ~ no need to thank us ~ we love you and appreciate ALL that you do for our family...


Friday, June 15, 2007


The Mad Waver!

Receiving his certificate!

"E" had his Stepping Up ceremony at preschool yesterday ~ boy was that cute!

All the parents were packed into the classroom as the kids sang songs, recited the pledge of allegiance and ended with receiving their certificates.

I think "E" spent 90% of the time waving to me, smiling at me and just waiting for his ceremony to end so he could pounce on his mommy (and give me a huge hug); which is exactly what happened!

I had to bride him to take pictures with his teachers, one with mommy, a few with his certificate . . . some might say I'm a little picture crazy . . . but, some may not. These moments only happen ONCE and I'll be darned if I'm going to miss documenting them!

I'm so very proud of my boy ~ he had a hard adjustment in the beginning, but he came to love his teachers and made many friends.

One down, now "A" has one week of 3rd grade left (well, if you ask him: "Three full days and two half days left" ~ not that anyone is counting :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have been unsuccessful in uploading the video I shot of my boys' reading . . . so these pic's will have to do. I am so disappointed because he was just, well, so cute!!

Here he is handing out the "programs" to the parents as they walked in. The teacher could not have picked a better guy to do the greeting!

Here he waits for his turn to read his paper...the children chose one of their favorite writings from the year to read...

Since I cannot show you the video ~ "A" read about his love for BASE-BALL! He talked about his favorite players, his favorite position to play. We were so proud of him. He was not nervous at all, unlike his mom as a public speaker!

Afterwards they served snacks and we got to look over the kids portfolio books they had worked on all year long; and also their book of poetry!

Today we have Eddie's "stepping up" ceremony from preschool - should be another adorable day :)

Monday, June 11, 2007


Eddie saved a little ladybug who was floating in our pool and took a liking to her ~ well, a loving to her! This ladybug stayed with him for at least 45 minutes!

He had her crawling up him arm, on his fingers and put her down on our little tomato plant . . . then, quickly picked her up again, for fear she would leave him. I knew it was inevitable - she would fly away home - so I did a photo shoot of Eddie and his ladybug! You are probably wondering why I don't have those pictures on this post...well, somehow I deleted them!!!!

After a long love affair (I thought it was long for a ladybug to stick around) she flew away - and then the water works started. Eddie wasn't just sad or teary-eyed - he was distrought!!! It took me a while to calm him down. The ice cream cone helped and so did my little white lie that she would be back again soon.

I have been seeing a lot of ladybugs lately ~ are they trying to tell me something?!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


"A" had his field day today - it was the perfect day weather-wise - no humidity and a breeze! He really enjoyed himself and he is just getting so big! I see such a difference from years before - he is so independent and is not looking all over to see where I points I was wondering if it mattered that I was there at all! I know differently though - he is the kind of boy who will thank me for being there tonight when I kiss him good-night.

Eddie was bored, tired, hungry, thirsty and of course, no outing would be complete with him announcing, "I have to go poo poo"! Off we went trying to find a bathroom -

3rd grade is just about over - time really does fly by...not the days, but the weeks and months- they seem to disappear. Enjoy the slide show!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sweet Little Angel
-Shana Rae

Sweet little angel, pearl in the sea
Born to another, but meant for me
Sweet little angel, you don't know why
You're one of a million lost stars in the sky

Sweet little angel in a land so far away

Your new home awaits, where forever you will stay

Sweet little angel, sweet little dove

You will soon have a family
You will always be loved

Sweet little angel, I promise each night

To kiss you my darling and hold you real tight

Sweet little angel, you'll always be warm

I'll be there to protect you and keep you from harm

Sweet little angel, you will smile all day

We'll dance and sing, you'll laugh and play

Sweet little angel, sweet little dove

I'll carry your heart, I'll fill it with love

Sweet little angel, the stars in the sky

Will be yours, so don't you cry
We'll catch those stars
Yes, one by one
We'll dance in the moonlight
We'll live in the sun

Sweet little angel, sweet little dove
Keep faith in your heart, find peace in our love

My little angel, you're not alone
Your family is coming
To take you home

We Love You, Mia