Friday, October 30, 2009


Mia's preschool celebrated Halloween yesterday. The kids and teachers came in costume - I'm sure you all know what Mia is dressed up as by now :)

We dropped the kids off at school like usual - it was funny to see Mia looking at the teachers all dressed with an inquisitive look on her face..."who is that?!" I got a quick picture of Mia and her buddy, Meg before we left. We came back 45 minutes before dismissal for the parade, songs and pumpkin picking...adorable doesn't sum it up:

Here comes my girl!
The teachers had extra help walking all the little ones
out for the parade...they needed it!
Here comes Meggie!

Teachers trying to get everyone to sit for the songs...

The little ones sang Halloween songs - very, very cute! Mia sang a little bit, not much. She was more concerned with getting up...she did not want to sit on the ground with her dress for some reason.

Whenever a song was over, she would stand up...and the teacher would tell her to sit, and she would...

But, she was itching to get up!
When the songs where over - we all went over to a little pumpkin "patch" so the kids could pick one ~ Meaghan's mommy and I took advantage and started a photo shoot! As you are looking at the next few pictures, notice how Mia is ALL girl does not want to stand still for a moment ~ it is SO Mia ~ my active, loving life little girl :)

She just makes me smile from ear to ear ~ just love, love, love my Snow White (umm, who by the way now wants to be a blue butterfly after seeing one of her teachers costumes!! Help!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Every year our neighbors put together a party for the kids (and adults) in one of the courts in our neighborhood ~ it just gets better every year too! This year is was postponed to Sunday, since Saturday was supposed to be a "wash out". We had the best weather on Sunday and we all had the best time at our neighborhood Halloween party:

Snow White & Commander Cody

Snow White & Hippie-mommy :)
They thought of EVERYTHING

there were bean bag games, ring toss

musical mats, etc!

Mia saw a friend from preschool

and had fun playing ring toss with him :)

Make-a-braclet & necklace table!

Eddie's wrapping me for the "mummy wrap" contest

we lost :)

Yup, they even had a haunted house (um, haunted garage!) It was awesome! I made a zombie-dummy and brought it over a few nights before the party. I could not believe what they had done in this neighbors garage! They covered the walls in black plastic tarp, and then they hung some tarp from the ceilings to make a maze or walk thru and we hung spider webs on the walls - there were spiders, ghosts and 2 boys dressed up; one was behind the 2 way mirror and the other followed people around!! There was even a hall of masks and a "real" witch who spooked you...the older kids really enjoyed it, kids Eddie's age got scared; but it was FUN!

Anthony waits on line for the haunted house with Meaghan's brothers
Mia swings while her brothers & dad go thru the haunted house:)

Paige our little ladybug :)

Paige with mommy & daddy

Meaghan's brother, Mikey, ninja-boy and Eddie

Auntie Michelle with Paigey

Mia with Auntie Michelle

Meaghan Grace & Mia Hope
Cutie Witch & Snowy White

Our three darlings :)
It's always so very special when our girls are all together :)

We really had a great time at the party, seeing friends, playing and just spending a beautiful day outside ~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Eddie's "pack night" was a Halloween party for the boys and their families. Each family brought a dessert, there was a parade, costume contest and mingling... I was so glad the families are invited to pack night (den night is just for the dad's and boys - I'm so used to doing things with the kids, that I feel like I'm missing out on den nights - but it is great for daddy and his boy to have time together too. ) This is the best of both worlds :)

Eddie - the clone trooper, and his cousin, Joey
(I love that the cousins are in the same den!)

They get SO into character :)
Beautiful Snow White!

Our cousins, aunt & uncle!
The monster family!

Anthony was a combo baseball/football something-er-other

It was so nice to meet Eddie's den mother - she has 3 little boys and accepted my offer to help out with crafts, etc. I love that I can be involved. I just have to come up with a craft idea and "something fun" to do with the food pyramid...hmm, my first assignment may be a bit challenging. But, I may have an idea already :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Oh my boys...they are gone all day in school and I really miss them! But, when they come home ~ it usually gets a bit crazy with homework and after school activities. Eddie just joined cub scouts and he is over the moon excited with his uniform (you know my Eddie loves to dress up!):
(he really is excited, he just doesn't love the photo-taking!)
Daddy & Eddie ready for their first meeting!

*Tonight is our cub scout Halloween party - we are glad we can all go - I am so glad Eddie has found something he loves!

On to my next boy: Anthony has been working on his rocket in science class this semester. He has been coming home from school telling me about the engine, how it works and about each piece and all the details ~ I was very excited to see his rocket in action! Eddie & Mia had to be woken up quiet early, fed and dressed for the launches; which took place at 7:45am ~ I was surprised we got there on time and it wasn't a bad day weather-wise either!

I love this photo of Eddie looking up to his big brother
and his rocket :)

Anthony's rocket was the first to launch (the first 2 launches were not successful and had to be redone afterwards...)

getting the rocket on the launch pad
ready to ignite!

We were all cheering!
Go Ant!
The kids were supposed to try to catch their rockets
on the way down...
(Anthony didn't catch his though, he said he "kind of
forgot" about that part and was just so amazed it took off!

"Wooo Hooo"

Great job Ant

The little ones couldn't wait to get their hands on it!
We stayed to watch a few more launches, but I had to get Eddie to the bus stop and then Mia to preschool ~ it was tough dragging ourselves away from that field. As we were driving off we saw another launch which flew over the trees! It was such a fun morning and it was great to see Anthony SO proud :)
Great job, honey ~ we are oh so proud of you always!