Friday, October 23, 2009


Oh my boys...they are gone all day in school and I really miss them! But, when they come home ~ it usually gets a bit crazy with homework and after school activities. Eddie just joined cub scouts and he is over the moon excited with his uniform (you know my Eddie loves to dress up!):
(he really is excited, he just doesn't love the photo-taking!)
Daddy & Eddie ready for their first meeting!

*Tonight is our cub scout Halloween party - we are glad we can all go - I am so glad Eddie has found something he loves!

On to my next boy: Anthony has been working on his rocket in science class this semester. He has been coming home from school telling me about the engine, how it works and about each piece and all the details ~ I was very excited to see his rocket in action! Eddie & Mia had to be woken up quiet early, fed and dressed for the launches; which took place at 7:45am ~ I was surprised we got there on time and it wasn't a bad day weather-wise either!

I love this photo of Eddie looking up to his big brother
and his rocket :)

Anthony's rocket was the first to launch (the first 2 launches were not successful and had to be redone afterwards...)

getting the rocket on the launch pad
ready to ignite!

We were all cheering!
Go Ant!
The kids were supposed to try to catch their rockets
on the way down...
(Anthony didn't catch his though, he said he "kind of
forgot" about that part and was just so amazed it took off!

"Wooo Hooo"

Great job Ant

The little ones couldn't wait to get their hands on it!
We stayed to watch a few more launches, but I had to get Eddie to the bus stop and then Mia to preschool ~ it was tough dragging ourselves away from that field. As we were driving off we saw another launch which flew over the trees! It was such a fun morning and it was great to see Anthony SO proud :)
Great job, honey ~ we are oh so proud of you always!


Barbara said...

I am still impressed that you got everyone there that early, but it sure seems worth it! Great job Anthony! Eddie looks great in his glad he is enjoying it so much. Such nice shots!

Anonymous said...

Cool rocket Ant! Maybe next time Mom can take some video!!

Eddie- as usual.. you are the cutest boy in that BS uniform!

And Miss Mia.. always the doll!

Daniella said...

love the rocket launch - Joseph would love that!!!! Your pumpkin birthday/carving party looks like so much fun! Still waiting to carve ours - too hot still it will be pumpkin soup if we do it too early :)

Anonymous said...

Go cool, a rocket launch..that's great! Eddie, so handsome in his uniform..too cute...what a nice morning..

Aunt Michie