Friday, November 30, 2007


Daddy & Mia admire the decorations

Santa talks to "A" while "E" thinks :)
No one cried, but Mia seemed perplexed while sitting on
Santa's lap. She kept turning around to look at him, as I
jumped and waved behind the camera man!

Wow, all my children on Santa's lap! It still amazes me that
she is here!
We had our annual cookie exchange party ~ where we sampled about 15 cookies! Then, we had to vote on the best tasting cookie and also the best displayed cookie plate. It was such a fun and delicious night. Afterwards, we each took home a HUGE bag with about 6-8 samples of each person's cookie along with their recipe:

Display of cookies!
Best Display: Congrat's Kim!
Best Tasting Cookie: Hooray Barb!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We spent the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas! Ahhhh, the Christmas music was on, the icicle lights were strung up on the roof and we were all in the spirit to decorate the tree.

I was a bit worried about our Christmas tree with Miss Mia around, but she seems to think it's part of the furniture; after a few 100 "no, Mia's" she has just about left it alone.

As always, a few pictures of our fun, yet nutty decorating:

Eddie came to sit with Mia - things are looking up!

E with his "xmas lights" or beads as we call them!

Mia's 1st attempt to destroy the tree...


"I love this ornament, so soft and fuzzy...."

E has the honor of putting the angel up!

Mia "fixing" the skirt - One angel to another :)

A fixing our angel !

"Anyone in there?"

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hope everyone had a delicious and memorable Thanksgiving day ~ ours was quiet and very yummy, if I don't say so myself! It was the first Thanksgiving dinner I prepared solo (my mom was working and usually helps, supervises and guides me along) and I am proud of the outcome!

Mia dined on cheerios (of course) and some of her oatmeal banana cereal, but especially liked... my cranberry sauce (?) and apple pie! I am so thankful to have Mia home and healthy ~ we have so much to be thankful for ~ next stop....

Christmas!! My VERY favorite time of the year!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


"E" had his Thanksgiving show/feast at school yesterday. I cannot say he was excited for it, he has not been a happy boy lately; not happy with school, not happy being away from mommy for...10 minutes, not happy with Mia! He's going through so much lately ~ since he was de-throned as the baby of the family.
Mommy has been trying SO very hard to do special things with him and for him. His teacher says he is just "angry and mad" ~ it breaks my heart and I wish, oh how I wish I could stop the hurt... maybe it will take time, maybe it's a phase ~ I just want my Eddie back!

Here are some pictures - "E" was an Indian and the other half of the class were pilgrims. They painted their own outfits and sang some adorable songs!

"Gobble, gobble...."

Mommy & her Indian boy!

Eddie & Hailey with their snacks

Poppy & gma even came (they chased after Mia
so I could take pictures and give full attention to the show!)
Thank you Mom & Dad!!!!

Mia sits (for a second) with "E"

Mia loved the toys at preschool!

"E" does his "gobbling" pose by the feather board ~ all the kids brought home a feather to decorate with their families ~ the results were just so pretty and made this big turkey complete!

Mia is ready for preschool, backpack and all!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

~ Christmas Card Picture....torture ~

Oh, the dreaded posing and begging for the perfect Christmas card picture happened yesterday! Did you hear the yelling and pleading where ever you live?
We were exhausted and plan to use one that came out .... decent. I really wanted the perfect picture for this year. Our family is complete and Mia is here with us for Christmas. I came to realized, it doesn't matter how the picture came out, what matters is that all my kiddos are here to laugh and smile (and drive me nuts) ~ we are together, we are a complete family! Nice speech uh?
Anyway, I am proud of this beautiful picture I took of my girl, it shows her sweet and feminine side ~ I love the lighting too! This is not one of the pictures I am using ~ I may frame it though, because there is just something about it I love!
My advice to all those who still have to take their photo ~ have a glass of wine...or three!!

Friday, November 16, 2007


Mia is modeling her cozy, comfy onepiece "snowsuit" ~ she received this as a gift from her shower and the weather is just right for it today! The feet and hands fold over for gloves/feeties or she can just wear a pair of boots! It really is as soft as it looks (from LL Bean) ~ she will get a ton of use out of this!
Dear Dee Dee (Deanna):
Thank you for the sofest snowsuit EVER!
I love you,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Miss Mia has decided it's time to start feeding herself (sometimes) and holding her own sippy 21 months! Don't get me wrong, I missed her infancy and I don't really mind feeding and holding her cup ~ I just mind sometimes, like when we're in the car or when I'm trying to give everyone else their food ~ those are the moments I don't mind her "doin' it herself" :)

~ Proudly using a fork ~

~ Big Brother congratulates her ~

~ Laying on the floor happy ~

~ Notice how Penny's paws are around Mia's leg, and
doesn't she seem to be smiling?? ~

~ Holding the sippy cup (with her pinky up!), ta da!!!!!!! ~

~ My heart ~

Monday, November 12, 2007

M & M (Mia and Meaghan) :
The girls saw a lot of each other on Sunday ~ it is so darling watching them eat, run around and play with each other...almost surreal. Meaghan and her mommy came over for a bit and the girls had their first tea party in Mia's room ~ of course we tried in vain to get a good picture of our girls ~ they have it in for us and our cameras!
After naptime we all went over to Meaghan's house to watch the football game, um that is, the guys watched the game (Meaghan's mommy is a fan, but I have no clue what is going on!). Meggie's mommy had tons of app's and made a huge pot of sauce ~ it was a fun night and so nice to have the girls together ~ what makes it even better is that our boys all enjoy each others company too!!


~ Michelle feeds Meggie & Mia ~

~ Setting up for a tea party ~

~ Sorting out the tea set ~

~ Annoyed ~

~ Stunned ~

~ Cheers ~

~ We tried to confine them in the crib, still no picture! ~


~ Going for a ride ~

~ Fun with cups! ~

~ Mia, Meggie & Ella at the piano ~

**Thanks for an unexpected, but FUN night!