Tuesday, November 20, 2007


"E" had his Thanksgiving show/feast at school yesterday. I cannot say he was excited for it, he has not been a happy boy lately; not happy with school, not happy being away from mommy for...10 minutes, not happy with Mia! He's going through so much lately ~ since he was de-throned as the baby of the family.
Mommy has been trying SO very hard to do special things with him and for him. His teacher says he is just "angry and mad" ~ it breaks my heart and I wish, oh how I wish I could stop the hurt... maybe it will take time, maybe it's a phase ~ I just want my Eddie back!

Here are some pictures - "E" was an Indian and the other half of the class were pilgrims. They painted their own outfits and sang some adorable songs!

"Gobble, gobble...."

Mommy & her Indian boy!

Eddie & Hailey with their snacks

Poppy & gma even came (they chased after Mia
so I could take pictures and give full attention to the show!)
Thank you Mom & Dad!!!!

Mia sits (for a second) with "E"

Mia loved the toys at preschool!

"E" does his "gobbling" pose by the feather board ~ all the kids brought home a feather to decorate with their families ~ the results were just so pretty and made this big turkey complete!

Mia is ready for preschool, backpack and all!


Daniella said...

What a cute Indian! I hope things for E get better soon. I'm sure it's a matter of time and adjustment. I worry about J having been an only chid for so long - how our family dynamic is going to change. Mia looks so beautiful - I wish you and your family a happy, healthy Thanksgiving! Enjoy :)

Barbara said...

Eddie looks so, so, so cute in these pictures (as always). Oh my poor Godson...it breaks my heart to think of him going through so much :( It is definitely a phase and very normal after he was the king for so long. You are doing all you can my friend...I feel for you also, as you know. Just hang in there and it will pass, hopefully quicker than it has with your Godson lol!
I LOVE Mia's outfit...she is just adorable. She looks like she is ready for pre-school and so comfortable in that atmosphere!

cousin laura from nj! said...

Jo, Like all of us, you are trying to be the best mommy that you can be. It hurts us when we can't make our kids feel better immediately...my baby will be 3 this month, and occasionally our 9 year old still reminds me that she isn't the baby anymore :) UGH!! I suggest: "Eddie and Mommy night out"...just the two of you...dinner and a movie!! Hang in there!!

cousin laura from nj! said...

p.s. Adorable Eddie is one happy boy sitting on Mommy's lap :)

Shandra said...

I think I speak for LuLu when I say "being stuck in the middle is hard"

The pic of you and eddie is adorable.