Monday, May 31, 2010


I surprised Mia after school ...on a very hot day...
Yup, she was happy! She's SO much fun to surprise :)

I filled up the little pool ~ and threw in some toys ~
she quickly wanted to put on her bathing suit and jump on in!

"It's cold!!"

Boy, did she has fun :) I just love watching my girl play...I love listening to her play...she's been very verbal while playing lately. I love the sound of her voice,
and how she acts out the story as she plays ~ adorable!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Mia playing with friends before Field Day begins

Mia was on the blue team ~ a few weeks ago the kids
helped tie-dye their t-shirts for the big day.

The Pledge of Allegiance
I had no idea she knew all the words!

Potato/shovel race :)

Throw the big ball through the hoop race

Go Mia!!
I loved seeing Mia participate with her team!
She seemed to have a great time and was so proud...

Look at that face ~ looking over her certificate :)

Look what I got Mom!

Playing with her buddy, "G" afterwards :)

A video of Mia in action:
(I love how she runs to me for a hug :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Eddie's cub scout troop had their Pine Wood Derby race Friday night. Eddie and daddy had taken quiet a bit of time cutting out their car, painting, decorating and weighing their car ~ I didn't realize how serious this race was! Eddie's car weighed in at 5.0 ounces - perfect! Of course, Eddie's car was camo-colored, since he loves anything army :) It really came out nice!

These photos above came out so tiny...I saved them on snap*fish to make room on my camera and then saved them back on my picture file and they will not enlarge! But this is our boy painting and decorating his car :)

Our favorite Wolf cub and his Pine Wood Derby car!
When we arrived at the race we had to register and have our car weighed in - if it was over 5.0 ounces than you would have to take some weights off and adjust it...we brought a bag of tools just in case, but we had the perfect weight (thanks Auntie Lisa for the scale!)

Popppy & Anthony waiting for the race to begin
Gma & Mia

Eddie's car is in the middle
cousin Joey's is 2nd from right

It was an exciting race!
U.Frank lined up all the cars
Joey's car won!!!
Eddie with Gma & Poppy
Eddie & Joey's

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mia has been invited to so many parties for her classmates lately...she's a very busy girl :) Mia sure does love a party! This party was at Benner's Farm:
"Yes, I'm ready for the party!"

Mia with a baby bunny in her lap ~ this was the only baby animal she would hold.
She wouldn't hold the duck or the chick...but she watched as Meggie and her other
classmates held and pet them...

I love how she is petting with the tips of her fingers :)
She was very hesitant~

Farm Girls!

Watching the huge sheep in it's pen...
I love the position of her little hands :)

Feeding the baby goat

Mia really enjoyed this was a bit dirty and smelly for mommy though :)

I'm loving Mia's MJ outfits...they are so cute and look so adorable!

Of course, my little model makes the outfit!!

What a girl!!!




The other day Meggie and her mommy came by to plant marigold seeds. The girls started by decorating their pots with flowers and their names - fun!

The shoveling of the dirt may have been their favorite part though :) I just love how serious they are.

Or...maybe watering the little seeds was their favorite part - Mia just loves anything involving water!

They are so proud of their work!

Such happy, carefree girls

Thanks for this beautiful black and white version, Michelle :)

Our cutie pies were just precious kicking around the soccer ball ~

Meggie's daddy is supposed to coach their 4 yr old soccer team in the Fall...
I cannot wait!!