Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mia has been invited to so many parties for her classmates lately...she's a very busy girl :) Mia sure does love a party! This party was at Benner's Farm:
"Yes, I'm ready for the party!"

Mia with a baby bunny in her lap ~ this was the only baby animal she would hold.
She wouldn't hold the duck or the chick...but she watched as Meggie and her other
classmates held and pet them...

I love how she is petting with the tips of her fingers :)
She was very hesitant~

Farm Girls!

Watching the huge sheep in it's pen...
I love the position of her little hands :)

Feeding the baby goat

Mia really enjoyed this party...it was a bit dirty and smelly for mommy though :)

I'm loving Mia's MJ outfits...they are so cute and look so adorable!

Of course, my little model makes the outfit!!

What a girl!!!

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Barbara said...

For a party that was so-so, it sure made for some great pictures. She looks absolutely adorable! I love when she is running "free" back at home!!!! I miss that little lady! I think I need a Mia fix :)