Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a nice & very yummy Thanksgiving at my parents house - my mom is usually working on this holiday (so she has Christmas Eve & day off), and it was so nice to have her there with us this year. The kids started the morning off by watching the parade with daddy, while mommy cooked, baked and prepared... An interesting way to watch the parade!

The next day daddy had off from work, so we had planned to go see Santa and get a bite to eat...I wasn't sure if this was a good idea being "black Friday" and all; but surprisingly, it worked out great! No line for Santa and no line at the "Ch**secake Factory" for dinner!

The boys with Santa
Mia was so scared of Santa,
she had her legs wrapped around me and
her head in my shoulder, crying...
Santa got up from his chair and stood behind us,
hoping that would ease Mia's fears...
good old Santa!

*So, after the picture was taken the boys talked with Santa...and I asked Mia if she would like to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas...she picked up her head from my shoulder and said "yes". She took her thumb out of her mouth just to say "Strawberry house" to Santa and quickly hid her face again :) Santa said, "yes, I have some of those" - so sweet!

Mia with her buddy, Madison at dinner

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and the decorations inside the house. It was so nice to have the Christmas music on and have my family around me decorating and reminicing over the ornaments... my favorite moments :)

I started a new tradition this year for Mia, her China-tree:

yes, she seems happy about it :)
this was from H*llmark, I think from last year...
this one from Pi*r 1...

when we went out for our anniversary back in Oct.,
we stopped at this great store The Pearl River Market
and I bought each of the kids their zodiac animal in an ornament...
There aren't many oranaments, but it will be fun to collect them through the years, we have ladybug ornaments ;and I didn't get a photo, but a cloisonne panda bear we bought while in China and a cute cloisonne teapot a friend gave me last year. Of course, I am on the lookout for small trees for the boys, of course they need to decorate a tree all their own!
**oh, that's right, I just picked up a great ornament (at H*llmark again) called China Rose, it has a little brown haired girl, dressed in pink holding a star. The back reads,"sweet, celestial China Rose Beams happily......Her one small star, when polished bright, Can fill the world with Love's pure Light" ~ how appropriate :)
Off to finish decorating...the outside now!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yesterday, Mia's preschool had their Thanksgiving "show"- and the parents had to come back 45 minutes early for the performance. When I walked into her classroom all the kids were sitting in their chairs up front...and then I spotted my little girl, with her turkey hat on and a very solemn face. I knew that face...she wanted to be with mommy - period.

Oh boy! My little turkey is mad!

So, Mia ran over to me and sat in my lap and did not want to get up, but one of the teachers coaxed her back to her chair...not for long though. She was starting to get upset and I knew she was about to fall she sat in my lap and we watched the kids sing. It was so adorable too - it's funny, now that Mia is my 3rd, I am a lot calmer with stuff like this... there is always next year or the year after that that she will "perform" -

she needed her mommy - and that's ok :)

After the show, the kids had some snacks and us mom's tried for some photos:

Meaghan & Mia

me & my little turkey

Mia & "G" ~

O.k., this little boy above, "G", well, he came over while Mia was munching out and he leaned into her and said something, she smiled and he kept talking. All the while I'm looking on with my eyebrows raised..."hmmmm, what's all this about?!" When he left, I asked Mia who it was...she smiled. I asked if it was a friend and she said yes...I asked his name, but she looked at the boy sitting next to her and said his name instead.... Anyhow, on the way out we saw "G" and his family and I told them what happened. We all thought it was adorable and had to pose the future couple. Too cute (although daddy didn't think so - "oh boy!" was his reaction !)





I'm a few days late, but had to wish Mia's very special friend a happy 1st b-day! Mia holds a very special place in her heart for Paige. She talks about her SO much and she was SO excited to celebrate Paige's just warms my heart to see (and hear) how much Paige means to her :)

So, needless to say, when Paige's day arrived Mia was very excited to go over and properly wish her a very Happy Birthday!
Wow, that's some hug!

Now, that's a hug :)

kisses too!
Mia made Paige a card - too cute!

Paige looked like a true princess - she is beyond cute :)
She was strutting her stuff and climbing all over her new gift!

happy, happy girl!

Mia helps open her gift :)

Happy 1st Birthday to Mia's very special friend
We love you so much honey!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Ahhh, adopting Mia has added SO much to all of our lives ~ she is a true gift.
In honor of National Adoption Month;

Adoption is nothing short of a miracle; especially in my life! I know it really doesn't matter how we are brought together with our children; whether through adoption or biologically - it is just one BIG miracle and blessing :)

Enjoy some pictures of one of my three miracles:

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just catching up a bit on our "goings-on's" - about 2 weekends ago we drove into the city for a birthday party for a very special lady :) It also happened to be the day of the N*Y*C marathon too, so we left extra early; but we didn't hit much traffic and arrived early enough to show the kids the marathon in action! They really got a kick out of it too.
Years back...quiet a few years :) We lived in the city for a short time and had an apt right on 1st Avenue and we able to see the marathon from our window...ahhh memories. It was so nice to share it with our kids - we were also hoping to show them where the apt was; but it was blocked off for the marathon...too bad.

It was a nice fall day and we walked around a bit with the to the restaurant, but it was still early. We wanted to walk around a bit more...but the kids were having their own fun:

throwing rocks & mulch down this "amazing" drain?!

walking on this...

jumping off it...

dancing on a grate...

just fun kid-stuff, I guess :)

Then, we waited inside for the guest of was a surprise:

"A" is sort-a-kind-a-surprised :)

The great Uncle who is just such a fun-loving,
generous guy (he always thinks of our kids...
and carried a bunch of presents to the restaurant
to help keep the kids busy - thanks U.Roy, your're the best!

It was a fun time - and so nice to celebrate this wonderful lady :) Happy B-day again "A" - we love you !