Thursday, November 12, 2009


Just catching up a bit on our "goings-on's" - about 2 weekends ago we drove into the city for a birthday party for a very special lady :) It also happened to be the day of the N*Y*C marathon too, so we left extra early; but we didn't hit much traffic and arrived early enough to show the kids the marathon in action! They really got a kick out of it too.
Years back...quiet a few years :) We lived in the city for a short time and had an apt right on 1st Avenue and we able to see the marathon from our window...ahhh memories. It was so nice to share it with our kids - we were also hoping to show them where the apt was; but it was blocked off for the marathon...too bad.

It was a nice fall day and we walked around a bit with the to the restaurant, but it was still early. We wanted to walk around a bit more...but the kids were having their own fun:

throwing rocks & mulch down this "amazing" drain?!

walking on this...

jumping off it...

dancing on a grate...

just fun kid-stuff, I guess :)

Then, we waited inside for the guest of was a surprise:

"A" is sort-a-kind-a-surprised :)

The great Uncle who is just such a fun-loving,
generous guy (he always thinks of our kids...
and carried a bunch of presents to the restaurant
to help keep the kids busy - thanks U.Roy, your're the best!

It was a fun time - and so nice to celebrate this wonderful lady :) Happy B-day again "A" - we love you !

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Barbara said...

Everyone looks so nice. Madison is sitting here with me and she just said "Ohhhh Anthony...he looks so handsome." :) Mia looks great in black...the shots of her in the black coat are great. Then again she looks great in every color. Also love the kids in their party hats!!!