Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our summer is moving along, we're having some fun days with friends; and some relaxing days with just me and the kids in the pool. August is around the corner and we have some fun day trips planned with daddy when he has his vacation ~ we're all looking forward to that!

My buddy sent me these pictures a while ago and I was just looking at them again ~ the kids were playing with a new water gun, just having fun ~ they are so cute, they deserve a post:

one water gun is all you need for fun!
"hmmm, that looks like fun..."

it IS fun!

just pop it on the stand and it fills right up!

"I'd LOVE a turn..."

Here she goes!
that smile!!!
"Look out guys, here I come!"

This water gun is just so much fun ~ as you can see! I feel like I'm doing a commercial here (hee, hee); anyhow hope everyone is enjoying their summer days like we are :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

~ Such a Big Miracle,
In Such a Little Girl ~

Mia Hope is having a fun and relaxing summer vacation with her brothers. I just love watching her experience everything, I love watching her play with her brothers and I love watching her play with her little friends.

We truly were blessed with a miracle, in our Mia!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We are lucky enough to leave near some beautiful beaches ~ this past weekend we spent time at two different beaches; the 1st is very close to home and we went right before dinner-time, and the 2nd was a little bit of a ride, but so worth it:

The first beach we took Penny along ~ I'm just here smiling to myself thinking about how much fun it was to watch Penny do the doggie paddle!!

The kids (&Ed) loved this little tide pool and especially the rocks!

We went to the second beach on Sunday with our friends & neighbors ~ this beach was just gorgeous!! The view, the white & soft sand, the waves! It was another gorgeous day out, however, the water was a bit rough since it had stormed the night before ~ Ant just loved the waves!

Mia handeled the sand SO much better this year ~ she actually walked barefoot in it!
Do you remember this picture from last summer??? :

Mia Hope July 2008

Friday, July 10, 2009


Mia loves, loves, loves the pool! It doesn't matter how warm or cold it is ~ she just has so much fun in the pool.
My little mermaid started swim lessons this past week and did very well.
We have not gone to the beach yet and I'm curious how she will do with the sand this year ~ it really threw her off last year!
In these pictures, my bathing beauty really seems to be maturing ~ she is really looking like a little girl and her baby-ness is fading. . .