Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We are lucky enough to leave near some beautiful beaches ~ this past weekend we spent time at two different beaches; the 1st is very close to home and we went right before dinner-time, and the 2nd was a little bit of a ride, but so worth it:

The first beach we took Penny along ~ I'm just here smiling to myself thinking about how much fun it was to watch Penny do the doggie paddle!!

The kids (&Ed) loved this little tide pool and especially the rocks!

We went to the second beach on Sunday with our friends & neighbors ~ this beach was just gorgeous!! The view, the white & soft sand, the waves! It was another gorgeous day out, however, the water was a bit rough since it had stormed the night before ~ Ant just loved the waves!

Mia handeled the sand SO much better this year ~ she actually walked barefoot in it!
Do you remember this picture from last summer??? :

Mia Hope July 2008

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Barbara said...

Great shots...finally we have beach weather. What a big difference in Mia from last year...she is growing up so sweetly!