Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We have been promising the kids we'd take them to see that big 'ol tree in the city. On Sunday, the weather was a nice 50 degrees so we decided it would be the perfect day to go . . . um, and so did every other person in the U.S. of A !! It was packed! We were packed like sardines ~ the traffic, the people "traffic" by Rockefeller Center - it was not the perfect day to go... but we tried to make the best of it:
The building across from the Tree was covered in these snowflake lights,
at the top of the hour they started blinking and Christmas music was played
Really nice!
When Anthony saw the Tree,
his reaction was worth all the crowds,
"Wooooooooow, it's huge!!"
Eddie could not believe all the lights on the Tree!
We always love to walk this row of angels and lights
did I mention the crowds?! It was almost impossible to get a spot
to take a photo... the look on the kids faces says it all:
Enough mom!
Eddie really wanted his photo in front of these lights :)

Thank you to the nice lady who offered to take a photo of our family !
The Traveling Circus survived seeing the Tree together :)

Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas Eve:
Mia sets up "cookies" and milk for Santa early on ~

My little helper ~ preparing for company~

Anthony fixed his hair up real nice & said "Merry Christmas Mom!"
we've been having hair style "issues" lately ~

The kids are all excited for their cousins to come~

Mia's 3rd Christmas home with us!

The kids with cousins Frankie & Joey~

Happy guys!

Uncle Frank with Mia

Gma's birthday was supposed to be celebrated the day
of the blizzard... so we sang for her today ~

Our family 2009~

My brother celebrated a very special Christmas with his family this year ~
he is healthy after having a kidney removed due to cancer .
We are all so greatful for his health today!

Ummm, Anthony with a tutu on his head~
the Christmas-crazys hit :

dancin with daddy~
Eddie loves his cousin, Joey~

I asked for daddy & Mia to pose by the tree...
next time I'll be more specific :)

Mia always has a good time with her daddy~
The other day Mia pointed to daddy and said,
"Dat MY daddy!" ~ yup, he melted!

Christmas Day:

Anthony always wakes up first - he still cannot control his happiness & excitment - I hope he always keeps this special quality about him. Eddie woke up next - he is always a bit more low key - but so excited to see what Santa left. I love this photo of the boys looking down on the tree and their gifts - waiting for little sister to wake :)
They couldn't wait anymore and we let them wake Mia ~
the excitement begins!

For some reason Ant loves flamingos - he really
wanted slippers at Old N*vy, but I couldn't do it ~
Santa put this one in his stocking instead :)
Mia asked Santa for a green dress ~ she likes it!
Happy man!
She's into B*rbie's this year :)
Penny thrilled with her present
My Eddie just loves cats (and so does mommy), but daddy really, really doesn't...
He really wanted this kitty - it is awesome and SO real - and he just adores it :)
*It was so funny, as Eddie came down the stairs, he heard a cat meowing
(it's been meowing in the attic for a month now!) - his face just lit up :)
We love this kitty, who was named after one of my
childhood cats, Ginger :)

When all the presents are unwrapped we always take
a "wrapping paper - picture", not sure why we just started
doing it when Anthony was little and kept it up ~
R*ckband II was a huge hit!
So was the B*rbie house...

One of my gifts was this plush, soft, comfy throw ~
we are all enjoying it :)
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yesterday was a busy, hectic day full of adorableness (I am making this a word!). I had Mia & Eddie's holiday parties - throw in a 2-hour school delay for Anthony & Eddie and that's where it gets crazy! I am proud to say it all worked out, I made it everywhere I was supposed to be on time!

Mia's class started out by singing some holiday songs - all the kids had made Rudolph hats to wear ...can you say adorable!

I was very teary eyed as I watched Mia singing her songs! Part of her speech delay is the reasoning behind her not when I saw her singing her little heart out...well, I lost it!
The video is at the bottom of this post. Meaghan Grace & Mia Hope
I was SO proud of my girl!

I brought Mia home after her party and we quickly ate - then I dropped her off at Poppy & Gma's house and headed to Eddie's school party. His little face just lite up when he saw me walk into the room = priceless! I really miss going to see Anthony at school for these occasions, that is why I am savoring every moment while I am allowed at these parties... Today, Anthony is sharing a talent/knowlege and he chose China. He is bringing in some Chinese money and the book I made up about going to China for Mia... Mia is such a lucky little sister :)

The kids made three crafts and then ate apple slices & S*n Chips

The girls wanted to take a picture with Eddie :)

Enjoy "Jingle Bells" with ALL the hand movements :)