Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We have been promising the kids we'd take them to see that big 'ol tree in the city. On Sunday, the weather was a nice 50 degrees so we decided it would be the perfect day to go . . . um, and so did every other person in the U.S. of A !! It was packed! We were packed like sardines ~ the traffic, the people "traffic" by Rockefeller Center - it was not the perfect day to go... but we tried to make the best of it:
The building across from the Tree was covered in these snowflake lights,
at the top of the hour they started blinking and Christmas music was played
Really nice!
When Anthony saw the Tree,
his reaction was worth all the crowds,
"Wooooooooow, it's huge!!"
Eddie could not believe all the lights on the Tree!
We always love to walk this row of angels and lights
did I mention the crowds?! It was almost impossible to get a spot
to take a photo... the look on the kids faces says it all:
Enough mom!
Eddie really wanted his photo in front of these lights :)

Thank you to the nice lady who offered to take a photo of our family !
The Traveling Circus survived seeing the Tree together :)


barbara said...

The family shot is just great! You really did make the most of it! I love Eddie's smile in front of the sweet!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

That must be an amazing sight! I love the family pic!

Happy New Year!