Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"If you're lucky enough to live by the beach, you're lucky enough"
My parents have a plaque hanging in their house with this saying...and I just love it :)
We love going to "their" beach, it's very closeby, it's fun and it's beautiful!
Anthony (and Eddie) has been obsessed with fishing lately and could not wait to go fish!

He remembered everything daddy taught him, and since this was his first time
going it alone, without daddy - he seemed very proud of himself...
although the water was pretty rough and he didn't catch anything and he lost a precious lure~
Poppy & Anthony
Or Anthony & Anthony :)

Poppy and "his boys"

Anthony searching for his missing lure ~
he's getting to be such a big boy~

My parents beach is VERY kid-friendly~
look at all there is to play with!!
The only downside is the very steep stairs to get down to the beach!
It's a workout :)

Eddie & Mia met some kids and played and played ~
they just did not want to leave :)
One of many days at Poppy & Grandma's beach!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Our summer has been going so nice :) We've had many playdates, beach days and even though Anthony thinks summer is just about over (?!) we still have so much more fun in store! The boys at the LI Ducks game
Mia with her beloved Quacker Jack

Don't let her smile fool you ...she tortured me throughout the game,
we were seated in the middle and
had to keep squeezing by other people to get out and walk around.
It was a looooooong game...but the first half hour was fun :)
Mia was thrilled to meet Quacker Jack ~
they really do (try to) make the games fun for the kids...

Our boy conquered his fear (mainly of falling!) and rode his 2 wheeler!!!


Cousins in the pool!
The weather has been so gorgeous this first month of summer ~ sometimes I wish for a rainy day just to stay out of the pool and the heat...always something to complain about :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mia was so happy to have "Paigey" come over for a couple of hours the other day; I just get such a kick out of how she calls her "Paigey" - no more "baby Paige" - I guess even Mia feels she's growing ...

Anthony made me laugh, he said " I always feel like Mia is so small...and then Paige walks in and she looks huge!!" I just love to see Paige at this age, it's right around the age Mia was when she came home ~ wow, the memories...

Paige just loved, loved, loved Penny! Whenever I let Penny out, Paige would go to the back door and watch her and motion that she wanted her inside.

Look at that hug :)

I really thought Paige was going to fall asleep like this ~

nope, in a few minutes she was up and away!

~ JULY 4TH ~

Even though I haven't posted about the 4th of July (or anything for that matter!) we had an amazing time with our friends :)
It was a very hot and sticky day - the kids spent all day and night in the pool - it was that kind of day; actually it's been that kind of summer!

Madison & Mia
Mia is soooo glad Maddy likes the pool this summer, umm that should be LOVE-
she had a hard time last summer in the pool and this year she's a different girl :)
Maddy & her daddy

Uncle Tommy "torturing" his godson :)


Maxwell & Eddie

Maddy getting a kiss from big sis :)

Max & Maddy
The hot tub was huge with the kids...everyone except Mia, she wouldn't even put her toe in! But, look at those smiles...they just really enjoyed themselves~

Eddie & daddy

pretty little flower :)

The guys hanging out by the bbq...where else?!

Mia and her "Nanie"

This has to be my favorite picture of the day ~
Madison just kept throwing up her arms and squealing with delight ~
she was loving the pool!! It was adorable :)
Mia and her puppy-Brandon...or was he a kitty?!

The rockband was fabulous :)
The day wouldn't be complete without a "fours" picture :)
Thanks B & T for a fun and very delicious 4th of July ~ we always have such a blast together!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


The day before the 4th of July we met our neighbors at the beach...our favorite beach in the Hamptons ~ it was such a beautiful day ~ the perfect day to spend at the beach...all day looooong! Just about 8 hours!!
Anthony is such a dedicated worker ~ he spent quiet a bit of time on this, ummm, hole!
Many people came by to check it out and even brought others by to see it :)
He even made a bench!

Eddie is ready to tackle the waves with daddy by his side~

sort of!

The water was cold :)
but refreshing~

As our neighbors were leaving, our other friends happen to just be arriving at the beach!
Of course, we had to stay and enjoy some time with the "C" family :)
Anthony "revised" his hole/ fort and Eddie was the first one allowed in:)

Max was drooling to get in and
was thrilled when he was finally allowed :)
Next he made a beach-chair :)

You know you've been at the beach real long
when the lifeguards leave
and the kids jump from their sand pile!!
The 3 blonde boys
(and a running Mia in the background!)

jumpin' the waves

My favorite photos from the beach this day: