Friday, July 23, 2010


Our summer has been going so nice :) We've had many playdates, beach days and even though Anthony thinks summer is just about over (?!) we still have so much more fun in store! The boys at the LI Ducks game
Mia with her beloved Quacker Jack

Don't let her smile fool you ...she tortured me throughout the game,
we were seated in the middle and
had to keep squeezing by other people to get out and walk around.
It was a looooooong game...but the first half hour was fun :)
Mia was thrilled to meet Quacker Jack ~
they really do (try to) make the games fun for the kids...

Our boy conquered his fear (mainly of falling!) and rode his 2 wheeler!!!


Cousins in the pool!
The weather has been so gorgeous this first month of summer ~ sometimes I wish for a rainy day just to stay out of the pool and the heat...always something to complain about :)


Barbara said...

Go Eddie Go!!!! He is getting sooooo big! Such nice summer memories :)

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Congrats Eddie on learning to ride a 2 wheeler. so much fun... and tell Anthony summer "aint" over yet...