Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"If you're lucky enough to live by the beach, you're lucky enough"
My parents have a plaque hanging in their house with this saying...and I just love it :)
We love going to "their" beach, it's very closeby, it's fun and it's beautiful!
Anthony (and Eddie) has been obsessed with fishing lately and could not wait to go fish!

He remembered everything daddy taught him, and since this was his first time
going it alone, without daddy - he seemed very proud of himself...
although the water was pretty rough and he didn't catch anything and he lost a precious lure~
Poppy & Anthony
Or Anthony & Anthony :)

Poppy and "his boys"

Anthony searching for his missing lure ~
he's getting to be such a big boy~

My parents beach is VERY kid-friendly~
look at all there is to play with!!
The only downside is the very steep stairs to get down to the beach!
It's a workout :)

Eddie & Mia met some kids and played and played ~
they just did not want to leave :)
One of many days at Poppy & Grandma's beach!


Barbara said...

What a nice day at the beach...looks like there was something for everyone!!! Anthony really is getting big...where is the time going???? XOXO

Colleen said...

I love that quote! How wonderful to be so close to the beach and looks like you all are enjoying it to the fullest! Doing a little catching up on your summer posts, looks like your having g a great one Joanne!