Sunday, January 27, 2008


I hope everyone had a real nice weekend ~ we had 2 parties! It is so very funny to see my girl at a party, mainly because it is so different from when my boys were her age. Both of my boys like to stick close to "home"..."home would be me! It always took them a while to warm up - usually when the party was about over! Then, they would have a ball, participate and join in the fun. Beforehand, they would watch from the comfort of mommys leg. Not Miss Mia, she walks in and investigates every inch of the party, she does her own thing and runs off in every direction! Yes, I'm pooped!

Sitting pretty

Reflecting, with her thumb as she looks out the window...

Mia and Eddie dressed as a pirate and princess (Eddie has his pirate-look...he isn't really mad!). Mia was mad and did not want to put her princess dress on - I, like any good mother, put the dress on anyway!! They really had a fun time and we were all tired afterwards:

Mia fell fast alseep about 3 minutes after we got into the car! She was SO active at the party that she even transferred into her crib when we got home.

I forgot my camera at home for Meggie's birthday party ~ but her mommy and daddy took many pictures; so go on over to their blog to see what a blast we had at her party! Meggie was glowing and was the perfect birthday princess!

Wow, it's Sunday night and tomorrow is our 6 month post-placement visit with our social worker. Yes, time really does fly by . . .

Friday, January 25, 2008


Hmmm, nice flavor...

A bit sticky ...

It's fun having lolly's with "Nannay"
Mia went to a party and got a great goody bag that included her first lollipop! Usually she isn't interested in the candy, but this time she was very curious. I was surprised when I opened it that she actually put it in her mouth! I have photos of the boys with their first lollipops ~ so of course I had to document Mia's first time too.

We have two birthday parties to attend this weekend (one of which is Meggie's ) and I'm sure Mia will have great interest in those goody bags as well!

Speaking of birthdays, there are only 7 more days until my little girl becomes a two year old! We missed Mia's entire first year and I try so hard to make up for that with tons of kisses and hugs and giggles. I take a ton of pictures (as if you haven't noticed) ~ I want her to have these memories to look back on. We are lucky that her SWI took pictures each month of the babies, so I do have that for her. There are two pictures that weren't dated that look like they were from when she first arrived there at 3 months of age.
I have a lot of information we received from the SWI (footprints, a copy of her birth note) and of course the pictures I mentioned - I want to put this all in her lifebook . . . but that is a project I cannot start right now - this is a busy time (as I mentioned with Mia's party coming up, Chinese New Year, etc).
Well, off to start the weekend ~ we have dance this morning :) Hope everyone has a fun weekend ~

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I do . . .

I do . . .

(gotta love the belly!)

I believe in fairies,

I do ~ I do

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


We've had unusually hight temps here in N.Y. these past few days ~ I believe it was in the high 50's or low 60's yesterday! It was the talk of the town and word got around to "meet at the park on Tuesday"! It was a real nice morning for the kids to run around outside and get some much needed fresh air - good for the mommies too!

Eddie loved the swings

Chris helps Taylor down the slide

This little hill was very popular - the kids loved running down it, especially Miss Mia

Mia & Taylor take a break

Hailey and Eddie swinging

Of course, my girl takes a snack break!

Max, Maddy and Aunt Barb

Eddie tries to make Mia look at the camera (who is this boy?), joined by Madison & Max

Aunt Barbara gives some hugs to the princess :)
Now, I hear rumors that it's supposed to snow Sunday into Monday ~ it was nice while it lasted...

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Mia is ready to go see Meggie for her birthday!!

"Yes mommy, I have the present"

Meggie truly looked like a birthday princess! She was glowing and seemed to know it was a special day! Mia loved her birthday balloon. It was fun watching the girls together...

Meggie loves when you sing "Happy Birthday" to her ~ she claps and smiles...she is sooooo adorable!!

Mia swiped a banana before she left ~ Meggie & Mia looked so funny concentrating on their "nanas" while they walked to the front door. We are so glad we got to see you on your birthday, Meaghan...once again HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!!

Back at home: Mia was her usual mischievous-self! This girl gets into so much more than either one of her brothers....combined!! She is very headstrong and when she doesn't get her way or what she wants - she's beastly!! However, there's no denying she is precious even in all her monstrous-glory!!

So proud she actually got the flowers out of the vase!

"He, he mommy"

Do you see what I see???? I actually snuck up on Eddie & Mia playing in the fairy tent together. When Mia saw me and wanted to come out, E got so mad and wanted me to go inside so Mia would stay with him!! I have nothing further to add :)

"A" is home and little sissy loves to bounce on his belly! I must admit "A" loves it too - he just adores Mia and loves to spend time with her.

This was really one of those really nice days all around. It is so nice that it was Meaghan's birthday to boot!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Happy 3rd Birthday to my darling niece & nephew! We love you and we're sending many, many kisses & hugs your way!
Aunt Jo-Jo LOVES you both so very much :)
*Sorry I'm a day late...I was having trouble loading my picture!!

Thursday, January 03, 2008


You thought there would be a picture of Mia after the word "drama", didn't you? Nooooooooo, it's Crazy Eddie I am describing...

This first picture is of "E" on New Years morning in his crazy outfit. He was pretending to be daddy in the shirt and tie, too cute. He also had on his pj bottoms with his camo boots...yes, yes very cute and funny.

However, by the afternoon we couldn't see his face:

He has a runny nose and will not take the tissue away, not to talk, not to watch TV, not to play (which my playdate friends from today can atest to!). Let's see this started on New Years day and it's now 3 days later!!!
Mia is whipping up a batch of soup to "cure" her brothers aligment...
Safety first, wearing her oven mitts as she carries it over to the poor soul...
She's soooo proud of herself ~ please notice "E" in the background of the picture with his box of tissues and "garbage" next to him: