Wednesday, January 09, 2008


We've had unusually hight temps here in N.Y. these past few days ~ I believe it was in the high 50's or low 60's yesterday! It was the talk of the town and word got around to "meet at the park on Tuesday"! It was a real nice morning for the kids to run around outside and get some much needed fresh air - good for the mommies too!

Eddie loved the swings

Chris helps Taylor down the slide

This little hill was very popular - the kids loved running down it, especially Miss Mia

Mia & Taylor take a break

Hailey and Eddie swinging

Of course, my girl takes a snack break!

Max, Maddy and Aunt Barb

Eddie tries to make Mia look at the camera (who is this boy?), joined by Madison & Max

Aunt Barbara gives some hugs to the princess :)
Now, I hear rumors that it's supposed to snow Sunday into Monday ~ it was nice while it lasted...


Barbara said...

It was a lot of fun...I am so glad you pushed me a little to go :) Your dinner plan was a hit over here!! I hope those rumors are false about know how I feel about the cold and the snow!! Hope we can do the park again soon :)

Beverly said...

We had a perfect day yesterday in the 50s sun shining just beautiful then the rain, storms etc today and a bit colder. We are in the south but usually it is much colder than this in Jan.

Mia is a doll by the way.


Debbie said...

What a nice day to spend outside at the park!

Loving the pictures as always!

Anonymous said...

The weather was too good to be true, you would never know that these pics were taken in January! It looks like such a nice day at the park! E, M&M and M all look like they had so much fun! The swings were always my favorite too E!!

Aunt Michie!

Daniella said...

Warm temps - break out the shorts. Great pics -
I left you something on my blog :)

Daniella said...

Oops about the LID - sorry :)
I had the month right. Enjoy your weekend...