Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Mia is ready to go see Meggie for her birthday!!

"Yes mommy, I have the present"

Meggie truly looked like a birthday princess! She was glowing and seemed to know it was a special day! Mia loved her birthday balloon. It was fun watching the girls together...

Meggie loves when you sing "Happy Birthday" to her ~ she claps and smiles...she is sooooo adorable!!

Mia swiped a banana before she left ~ Meggie & Mia looked so funny concentrating on their "nanas" while they walked to the front door. We are so glad we got to see you on your birthday, Meaghan...once again HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!!

Back at home: Mia was her usual mischievous-self! This girl gets into so much more than either one of her brothers....combined!! She is very headstrong and when she doesn't get her way or what she wants - she's beastly!! However, there's no denying she is precious even in all her monstrous-glory!!

So proud she actually got the flowers out of the vase!

"He, he mommy"

Do you see what I see???? I actually snuck up on Eddie & Mia playing in the fairy tent together. When Mia saw me and wanted to come out, E got so mad and wanted me to go inside so Mia would stay with him!! I have nothing further to add :)

"A" is home and little sissy loves to bounce on his belly! I must admit "A" loves it too - he just adores Mia and loves to spend time with her.

This was really one of those really nice days all around. It is so nice that it was Meaghan's birthday to boot!!


Anonymous said...

Such nice pictures. It's so lucky that M and M can spend such great time together. I see M is really enjoying the fairy tent (and E too)! It's great to see everyone playing, and that M is adjusting so nicely. She is such a special little girl, and E and A know that too!

Aunt Michie :)

Dawn said...

What a sweet post. The girls look so cute together, and what's better than your boys "loving" their little sister. I love her sly little look when she gets into something!! She is precious!! (BUT you already know that!!)


Vicky said...

Mia & Meaghan look SO adorable together !!!

See you Sunday !

Vicky & Emily

Colleen said...

This is soo great that the girls have eachother to grow with. How cute they are together. Love those big brother and sister pictures!


Barbara said...

What a Godsend the girls are too each other! They are beyond cute together! The pictures of the boys playing with Mia are the best...puts a smile on my face:)