Saturday, January 05, 2008


Happy 3rd Birthday to my darling niece & nephew! We love you and we're sending many, many kisses & hugs your way!
Aunt Jo-Jo LOVES you both so very much :)
*Sorry I'm a day late...I was having trouble loading my picture!!


Aunt Debbie said...

Happy, Happy 3'rd Birthday to the Snack Pack- M & M!!
May all you birthday wishes come true!
Blowing lots of kisses!!
We love you!

PS- Happy B-Day to Uncle G too!

Barbara said...

Thanks Jo...they got a real kick out of it!!! All Max had to say was "Why is Mia outside and me & Gaga are inside??" Very seriously of course. And Miss Maddie wanted to see pictures of Aunt Jo-Jo LOL! You are loved girl!