Thursday, January 03, 2008


You thought there would be a picture of Mia after the word "drama", didn't you? Nooooooooo, it's Crazy Eddie I am describing...

This first picture is of "E" on New Years morning in his crazy outfit. He was pretending to be daddy in the shirt and tie, too cute. He also had on his pj bottoms with his camo boots...yes, yes very cute and funny.

However, by the afternoon we couldn't see his face:

He has a runny nose and will not take the tissue away, not to talk, not to watch TV, not to play (which my playdate friends from today can atest to!). Let's see this started on New Years day and it's now 3 days later!!!
Mia is whipping up a batch of soup to "cure" her brothers aligment...
Safety first, wearing her oven mitts as she carries it over to the poor soul...
She's soooo proud of herself ~ please notice "E" in the background of the picture with his box of tissues and "garbage" next to him:


Debbie said...

Even though he has a sniffles- he couldn't be any cuter!! Poor E!
With his hankies right by his side and all!
My nephew is hysterical and I love his outraegous outfit!
Sickly and all!!(LOL)

And Miss Mia playing nurse to her brother... now that's love XOXOX!

Anonymous said...

Too cute these pictures are. E looks quite cute, even when he's not feeling well! His expressions really show just how you feel sometimes.Love the outfit in the first

M is a nurse and chef in the making, too precious! I just love the pics with the chef hat on! Priceless!

Aunt Michie :)

Beverly said...

Love the victory shot of Mia. Sorry to hear one of your kiddos is sick.


Shandra said...

Hope E gets well soon. Sounds like Mis Mia is well on her way to making sure she has her playmate back.

Barbara said...

These are such cute photos...I don't know who looks more adorable??? Eddie or Mia??? Looks like Mia is loving her kitchen. Maybe she will love to cook just like her Mommy:)

Daniella said...

What great pictures - your poor E - at least he'll blow. J still doesn't like the idea of that and sniffs it up - it's so gross. Love Chef Mia!