Sunday, January 27, 2008


I hope everyone had a real nice weekend ~ we had 2 parties! It is so very funny to see my girl at a party, mainly because it is so different from when my boys were her age. Both of my boys like to stick close to "home"..."home would be me! It always took them a while to warm up - usually when the party was about over! Then, they would have a ball, participate and join in the fun. Beforehand, they would watch from the comfort of mommys leg. Not Miss Mia, she walks in and investigates every inch of the party, she does her own thing and runs off in every direction! Yes, I'm pooped!

Sitting pretty

Reflecting, with her thumb as she looks out the window...

Mia and Eddie dressed as a pirate and princess (Eddie has his pirate-look...he isn't really mad!). Mia was mad and did not want to put her princess dress on - I, like any good mother, put the dress on anyway!! They really had a fun time and we were all tired afterwards:

Mia fell fast alseep about 3 minutes after we got into the car! She was SO active at the party that she even transferred into her crib when we got home.

I forgot my camera at home for Meggie's birthday party ~ but her mommy and daddy took many pictures; so go on over to their blog to see what a blast we had at her party! Meggie was glowing and was the perfect birthday princess!

Wow, it's Sunday night and tomorrow is our 6 month post-placement visit with our social worker. Yes, time really does fly by . . .


Daniella said...

What a cute party girl! Love the pirate and princess pics.

Dawn said...

What a busy weekend. Mia looks like a little snow bunny sleeping!!

Anonymous said...

I just love the pirate and princess looks..!! Too precious! The picture of M sleeping is too cute! It just shows what a busy weekend she had!

Aunt Michie :)