Friday, January 25, 2008


Hmmm, nice flavor...

A bit sticky ...

It's fun having lolly's with "Nannay"
Mia went to a party and got a great goody bag that included her first lollipop! Usually she isn't interested in the candy, but this time she was very curious. I was surprised when I opened it that she actually put it in her mouth! I have photos of the boys with their first lollipops ~ so of course I had to document Mia's first time too.

We have two birthday parties to attend this weekend (one of which is Meggie's ) and I'm sure Mia will have great interest in those goody bags as well!

Speaking of birthdays, there are only 7 more days until my little girl becomes a two year old! We missed Mia's entire first year and I try so hard to make up for that with tons of kisses and hugs and giggles. I take a ton of pictures (as if you haven't noticed) ~ I want her to have these memories to look back on. We are lucky that her SWI took pictures each month of the babies, so I do have that for her. There are two pictures that weren't dated that look like they were from when she first arrived there at 3 months of age.
I have a lot of information we received from the SWI (footprints, a copy of her birth note) and of course the pictures I mentioned - I want to put this all in her lifebook . . . but that is a project I cannot start right now - this is a busy time (as I mentioned with Mia's party coming up, Chinese New Year, etc).
Well, off to start the weekend ~ we have dance this morning :) Hope everyone has a fun weekend ~


Dawn said...

Hi Joanne~

Sounds like a busy, but fun time in your life!! I dont think that "lolly" will be her last. I just posted a pic of Lucy eating one too. I really had this plan to not let her eat all of the "stuff" my "big" boys eat, but it looks like that might be hard! LOL

Have a great weekend!!

Barbara said...

Hi Jo,
I showed M and M the pics of Mia with her 1st "Hailey" pop. They are so happy she is able to enjoy their favorite snack. Hope you have a great weekend...enjoy the parties :)

Colleen said...

What an exciting time for you!! So much to celebrate! That is wonderful you have so many pictures from Mia's SWI. How very special. We never had any photos of Faith from the orphanage with the exception of a few they took with the disposable camera that we sent. I'm grateful for the few we have and we too have a birth letter that was with her. I am STILL trying to get started on her lifebook! Everyday life just seems to always come first:)Soon she'll be able to work on it with me! I really must make it a point to start on it.
Have a great time preparing for Mia's birthday!!