Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Mia was so happy to have "Paigey" come over for a couple of hours the other day; I just get such a kick out of how she calls her "Paigey" - no more "baby Paige" - I guess even Mia feels she's growing ...

Anthony made me laugh, he said " I always feel like Mia is so small...and then Paige walks in and she looks huge!!" I just love to see Paige at this age, it's right around the age Mia was when she came home ~ wow, the memories...

Paige just loved, loved, loved Penny! Whenever I let Penny out, Paige would go to the back door and watch her and motion that she wanted her inside.

Look at that hug :)

I really thought Paige was going to fall asleep like this ~

nope, in a few minutes she was up and away!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

I love that Paigey has Mia to look up to - especially when she gets older. You can tell how comfortable Paige is with you all and look how she loves Penny.
Thank you again!!!

Barbara said...

The girls are just adorable together. It is strange to see Mia looking so big...we are used to Mia being the tiny one! So sweet that they have each other...2little dolls!