Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~ JULY 4TH ~

Even though I haven't posted about the 4th of July (or anything for that matter!) we had an amazing time with our friends :)
It was a very hot and sticky day - the kids spent all day and night in the pool - it was that kind of day; actually it's been that kind of summer!

Madison & Mia
Mia is soooo glad Maddy likes the pool this summer, umm that should be LOVE-
she had a hard time last summer in the pool and this year she's a different girl :)
Maddy & her daddy

Uncle Tommy "torturing" his godson :)


Maxwell & Eddie

Maddy getting a kiss from big sis :)

Max & Maddy
The hot tub was huge with the kids...everyone except Mia, she wouldn't even put her toe in! But, look at those smiles...they just really enjoyed themselves~

Eddie & daddy

pretty little flower :)

The guys hanging out by the bbq...where else?!

Mia and her "Nanie"

This has to be my favorite picture of the day ~
Madison just kept throwing up her arms and squealing with delight ~
she was loving the pool!! It was adorable :)
Mia and her puppy-Brandon...or was he a kitty?!

The rockband was fabulous :)
The day wouldn't be complete without a "fours" picture :)
Thanks B & T for a fun and very delicious 4th of July ~ we always have such a blast together!

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Barbara said...

ok...this was worth the wait :) Brandon wants me to make sure you know he was Mia's baby (not a dog or a kitty) lol! It was another great day with you guys...wouldn't be the same with anyone else!!!!XOXO