Wednesday, July 07, 2010


The day before the 4th of July we met our neighbors at the beach...our favorite beach in the Hamptons ~ it was such a beautiful day ~ the perfect day to spend at the beach...all day looooong! Just about 8 hours!!
Anthony is such a dedicated worker ~ he spent quiet a bit of time on this, ummm, hole!
Many people came by to check it out and even brought others by to see it :)
He even made a bench!

Eddie is ready to tackle the waves with daddy by his side~

sort of!

The water was cold :)
but refreshing~

As our neighbors were leaving, our other friends happen to just be arriving at the beach!
Of course, we had to stay and enjoy some time with the "C" family :)
Anthony "revised" his hole/ fort and Eddie was the first one allowed in:)

Max was drooling to get in and
was thrilled when he was finally allowed :)
Next he made a beach-chair :)

You know you've been at the beach real long
when the lifeguards leave
and the kids jump from their sand pile!!
The 3 blonde boys
(and a running Mia in the background!)

jumpin' the waves

My favorite photos from the beach this day:


Barbara said...

What a nice day...glad I could share part of the day with you! Love your favorite photos of each of your cuties!!!

barbara said...

I am so glad that we got to share part of the day with you. I agree with you and love the individual shots of your 3 cuties!

Barb said...

How many days are too many days to wait for a new post :)