Wednesday, July 07, 2010


We started off our 4th of July weekend with fishing at the beach! Daddy was off and the boys were so excited to get their fishing gear together and head down to the dock ~ Mia and mommy lagged behind a bit and met them there~
Mia and I stayed by the water - I sat my chair down a few steps from the waters edge and watched my girl enjoy herself :) She is always SO busy :) In these photos, I just get a kick out of how long her hair has gotten ~ that the pony tails are blowing in her face!!

She is just really loosing her "babyness" and really looking like a little girl ~ ahhh, my little girl :) We are able to see the boys on the dock fishing from where we are...we watched the boats go out...we watched some boats come in... I just love this spot SO much and will never tire of it :) I think the kids feel the same way!

The boys didn't have much luck, but it didn't seem to matter - they had fun! Mia jumped right in and tried to reel in some seaweed :)

Anthony can cast like a pro now!
My boy is getting SO big...he'll be 12 in a few weeks ~
You go girl!
At one point another fisherman caught a Sea Robin;which was so cool
they look like they have wings!
Fishermen at work~ or play!

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Barbara said...

What a nice day. Mia's hair really is long now! She looks so sweet playing by the water. Great shots!