Monday, July 05, 2010


Mia started a summer dance class - per her request :) She has been talking about going back to dance class for a while now, counting down the days and finally that day arrived! She was so excited that she wanted to get dressed at 8am!! She chose one of Meggie's dance outfits (she wears black to her dance classes and gave Mia all her pink ones -thank you so much!) and loves it because it has "jewels" all over it :)
first position~

sweet little ballerninas~

There are 9 little girls in Mia's class!
One of the little girls took a liking to Mia
and kept hugging her and grabbing her hands excitedly...
very, very cute~
Of course, no dance class is complete without the Chicken Dance :)
Mia is already asking when her next class is :) I see such a change in Mia from when she last took dance class...of course, she is older and better able to follow directions. I know I started her too soon when she first came home from China...she was not ready to be in dance or any other class; and I really regret putting her through that ~ Maybe that is why this is just so sweet for me to see her here ~ She made the decision herself about taking dance and really, and truly wants to be there ~ She does not know any of the other little girls and just marched right into class with a huge smile on her face ~ I just love her enthusiasm :)


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Debbie said...

8 Pretty Ballerinas all in a row.. so so cute! And I love the "jeweled" outfit.. it's perfectly Mia!

Barb said...

Oh so sweet...she is too cute. I am so happy for her and can't wait to come watch her dance :)