Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Eddie had been looking forward to his Field Day for a while and had his team shirt all ready for this day :) It was a very, very hot day -but Eddie had a big cheering section; Anthony, Mia and grandma, poppy and Stevie even came along!

Here comes Eddie & his class
Jump Eddie!
my handsome little man!

Eddie ran into his friend "H" !

Eddie & his buddy, "R" always love hanging out!

Eddie's 1st grade carnival also took place on a really hot & humid day ~ he was SO excited because daddy took off to come!

Eddie at the parachute
Mia spent a lot of time on the kindergarden playground...
potato sack race!

What a fun way to wrap up the last weeks of school -
it was so very nice to have daddy there too :)

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Barbara said...

Oh Eddie looks so,so,so cute and so happy!!!! I love all these pics...nice field day! Also love Mia in the "Quilt like" dress...so cute!