Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Thursday, June 17th was Mia last day of school ~ on to pre-k in the Fall! She blossomed SO much this year! I am so proud to be her mommy :) Her teachers say she is such a pleasure to have in class, always happy and smiling...her speech has really taken off and I know it has a lot to do with being with her peers; besides her therapy ~

She would really look forward to going to school and would never give me problem. She stopped crying after only a few days of school and would just beam with excitement when I told her she had school today.

She willing let the teachers hold her and hug her - and her smile would light up the room when I came to pick her up :)

O.k., it certainly helped to have her buddy, Meggie in her class :)

Mia would always ask for Meggie if she didn't see her when we walked into school!
It was so comforting to have her China sister there ~

Love this shot~
Hands on hips-dancing away!
precious girls!

There was a little Stepping Up program where the kids sang songs they learned all year long. Then, they received their certificates ~

Love the hugs ~ outside their preschool!
(I am too lazy to sort thru the picture order!)

My little women!

Mia and her "love interest" :)

Meggie thrilled to receive her certificate!!

Mia is also thrilled :)

Mia with Miss Joan!

It was so nice to have Anthony there with me -
he finished his final and had the rest of the day off!!
Mia was so happy "Nanie" was there :)

Me and my girl!!


Barbara said...

OMG all the shots are cute, but the one of Mia with her "love interest" is soooo cute. It is that same look she gets around Brandon. She is too are in trouble lol! Congrats to Mia for finishing her first year of school and doing so with flying colors!!!!

Debbie said...

How cute is Mia and her cutie "love interest"!! She is definitely a girl to be reckoned with.. What an amazing accomplishment she has made with school and all of the things she has learned! She is going to be a "remarkable woman" someday.. I know it! So proud of that precious Godbaby girl! Love her to the moon and back!XOXO