Tuesday, June 22, 2010

~ FATHER'S DAY, 2010 ~

Father's Day turned out to be a gorgeous day ~ it was hot and sunny, just the way daddy likes it :) We had brunch at Grandma's house and then came home to swim in the pool ~

The kids made daddy all sorts of adorable things! Poor Anthony felt bad because "we don't make anything in school anymore for holidays", but that's o.k. - Mia told daddy days ago that she had a "goody bag" with a "pet rock" she made in it...purple, of course :)

Eddie put his picture in this adorable star magnet - oh, how I love this stuff :)
After brunch and swimming and relaxing poolside, we when down to Port Jeff to get ice cream and drool over the boats :) Then we walked to this usually quiet spot we know of, and the kids played on a wooden boat and got soaked under the frog sprinklers!!

There was a family that was having a picnic under a shady tree behind Mia (not pictured) and I turned to Ed and said, what a great idea! We should do that one day...he sort of gave me that 'look'and I said, why not??? He then said, "because we are never as quiet as that family is!" Oh, how he made me laugh!!

I was sitting a few feet away and thought it was misty-type of sprinkler, but when the kids got closer to me, I could see they were soaked! And loving it :)

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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Barb said...

You captured the day so nicely in your pictures. Really sweet! It looked like the kids had a ball in the sprinklers! Such a nice day :)