Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Yesterday was a busy, hectic day full of adorableness (I am making this a word!). I had Mia & Eddie's holiday parties - throw in a 2-hour school delay for Anthony & Eddie and that's where it gets crazy! I am proud to say it all worked out, I made it everywhere I was supposed to be on time!

Mia's class started out by singing some holiday songs - all the kids had made Rudolph hats to wear ...can you say adorable!

I was very teary eyed as I watched Mia singing her songs! Part of her speech delay is the reasoning behind her not when I saw her singing her little heart out...well, I lost it!
The video is at the bottom of this post. Meaghan Grace & Mia Hope
I was SO proud of my girl!

I brought Mia home after her party and we quickly ate - then I dropped her off at Poppy & Gma's house and headed to Eddie's school party. His little face just lite up when he saw me walk into the room = priceless! I really miss going to see Anthony at school for these occasions, that is why I am savoring every moment while I am allowed at these parties... Today, Anthony is sharing a talent/knowlege and he chose China. He is bringing in some Chinese money and the book I made up about going to China for Mia... Mia is such a lucky little sister :)

The kids made three crafts and then ate apple slices & S*n Chips

The girls wanted to take a picture with Eddie :)

Enjoy "Jingle Bells" with ALL the hand movements :)


Barbara said...

OMG LOL She is too into it and so serious...I just love it!!! The smile on her face is priceless when she is posing with you :) Eddie with all the girls...I love it!!! Just so cute!!! Merry Christmas my friend!

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy holidays..Mia is precious singing..that is so great, miss little jingle bells...:) What nice christmas parties..:) Eddie is such the casanova with all the girls..!Aunt Michie..:)