Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The kids had such a fun snow day yesterday and so did mommy :) The boys went out at 11am; and I finally got them in at 3pm for lunch, hot cocoa and cookies! Our 4th child had so much fun in the snow today
and had a fabulous nap afterwards :)
Such a weird concept: stepping UP ON TO your front lawn!

Mia started out going in the backyard with Eddie, but mommy had to "save" her because the snow was up to her thighs and she kept sinking! I then tried to take her into the front yard, but both gates would not open because of all the snow...I had to carry her through the house to get to the frontyard:

she learned crawling on the snow was better than her little legs sinking into the snow :)
You Go Girl!
Not much stops her :)

Ant and his friends worked SO hard on this fort...
not sure what they'll do now that it's done...
What a team!
Very busy!

"Mia! It's time to go in!"
"No mommy, I play snow!!"


Barbara said...

GREAT snow shots!!! Looks like it was a wonderful day off at your house! GREAT fort Anthony!!!

Mich said...

Love the snow pictures. I remember how much fun it was playing in the snow. These pics really show how much fun snow can be! All the kids looked like they had a ball...! Great snow fort!

Aunt Michie