Monday, December 21, 2009

~ SNOWED IN!!! ~

Well, the weather man was right! We woke up Sunday morning to 2 feet of snow ~ however, some of the snowdrifts are at least 3 feet ~ wow! We couldn't open our back door or front door because of the high drifts up against the doors ~ wow!
It is beautiful!
The scene out our front window

I opened the front door to this!
(It's a bad picture, but the snow drift is wild!)

This is Eddie trying to get out the garage!
He had to just jump into the snow drift
he loved it :)
Up to their thighs in snow and loving every minute :)

My very handsome helper!

Daddy worked extremely hard
thank goodness for snow blowers!
Penny was shocked, happy & excited!

Fun, fun, fun!

Anthony & his buddies
No one can say my kids are not dramatic :)

Mia stands on the walkway up to the front door!

Look at all this snow!!!
**We got a call last night that made the kids jump for joy:


Colleen said...

WOW!!!! I can not even imagine having snow like that!! It looks so beautiful but oh so cooold!!!! The kids look like they are loving it!!!
Stay warm and enjoy a wonderful white Christmas!

Barbara said...

You make the snow look like a lot of also looks so pretty!!! Really great, fun shots!