Friday, December 18, 2009


Mia's buddy, Meaghan had her 1st annual Christmas tea the other day. The invitation said to dress as your favorite princess and come join Meggie for a Christmas tea party! Oh it is fun, fun, fun having a girl :)

We had the honor of bringing Paige to the tea, so instead of day care, she came to my-care for the day! My kids were so excited to have Paige with us for the day; so much so that we even missed Eddie's bus because he was playing with her (we caught the bus in the back of the development!)

Let me share some of the extreme cuteness with you:
Paige is such a good girl - happy, playful and just a pleasure :) Mia had so much fun playing with her and being a little mommy to her - there were so many sweet moments:

My little Mia just looked huge to me! She really is growing up (she'll be 4 in February!) and seeing tiny Paige really put it in perspective.
So little Miss Paige fell asleep on my shoulder and woke up at 1:05pm and the party started at 1:30 . . . I fed her, dressed her and did her hair; and got Mia ready also ~ I'm not used to having two little ones, but I think they looked precious and we made it on time (5 minutes fashionably late :)

Snow White


Mia really wanted to fix Paige's hair
Paige did not :)

Very rushed photo
but, here they are!
As soon as we walked into Meggie's foyer, we saw a perfect tea party table! The mini table & chairs with all the tea cups and plates where perfectly set. We walked into the kitchen where the girls were making princess crowns and wands (chocolate covered pretzel sticks).

Meggie & Mia making princess crowns

Mia wanted to model her crown :)

All the princesses by the Christmas tree


Paige enjoys some bites of bread and sitting with the big girls

Paigey in her princess crown

Mia enjoys her teacup-cupcake
boy, Meggie's mommy worked so hard
and made a very special tea party :)
Mia really enjoyed the party. I was a bit worried she may be thrown off with me having to watch Paige, but she was such a big girl. She sat in her chair next to Meg and ate a bit and then played with the other girls by the play kitchen. We had to rush out to meet Anthony when he came home from school (sorry to those of you I didn't say good-bye too, the time flew and I dressed and rushed the two girls out the door!)

I found Mia like this on our livingroom chair.
All curled up in the sun like a little kitten :)
Mia didn't get to say good-bye to Paige, since she was still sleeping when Auntie Lisa came to pick her up. When she woke, the first thing she said was "where's Paigey??"
Thank you Auntie Lisa for entrusting us with your sweet girl for the day!
It was truly an honor ~
love you Paigey :)


Barbara said...

Oh how sweet...the girls all look adorable in their princess attire. What a nice day :) I love the way Mia is sleeping in the sun...she looks so sweet and comfy~

Mich said...

How priceless..a princess tea it! I just love the last picture of Mia! She is so happy and content...:)