Thursday, December 17, 2009


The other day Eddie comes to me and says, "guess who I want to marry when I grow up!", and of course, I had to ask :) And do you know what he said?

We have come a looooooooooong way to get to this point. When Mia was first home, Eddie had such a difficult time adjusting to being a big brother, being the middle brother and sharing the attention. I honestly felt guilty, worried and sad. I know this happens all time when a new baby is brought home; but when Mia came home she really needed extra attention because of her fears. Eddie needed extra attention...because of his fears and frustrations, etc. It was tough.

But sometimes... it just take a little bit of time -
and things fall into place :)

*Oh, I almost forget to mention the rest of our conversation. So, after saying he wanted to marry Mia, I said to him "boy, you must really love her!" and she said yes. Then, he said, "yeah, and she takes real good care of me!" Which is very true; if Eddie forgets to take off his shoes when he comes inside...Mia will go over to him on the sofa and take them off! She will accompany him upstairs when he's afraid to go by himself - they have been having so much fun playing "mom & dad" and other cute "skits". Very sweet :)

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Barbara said...

Awww sweet...there are no words...but there is a big smile on my face and in my heart for you!!!! Oh boy does he look cute in that first picture...WOW! Love the hugging pictures too!