Monday, December 14, 2009


It's been busy, it's been fun and of course, with my three kiddos; it's been a crazy time of year. We are all ready for Christmas ~ I do have more shopping to do and more cookies to bake, but we are all so excited for Christmas...

But, my husbands family celebrates Hanukkah and he was honestly never interested in celebrating, so I haven't pushed it in the past. Unfortunately, his parents are no longer with us and I can see how he misses them, the traditions they had; so in recent years I've tried to "make" a Hanukkah celebration.

So, on Friday I called him and told him not to pick up our usual-Friday-night-pizza (Mia was a bit thrown off - she loves routine :) Instead, Anthony helped me prepare a brisket and potato pancakes... to my GREAT surprise our Hanukkah dinner came out really good! Last year my pancakes were too...well, pureed - this year I shredded them to perfection! The brisket was on the small was the last one left at St*p n Sh*p; and I changed around his mom's recipe to put it in the crock pot with the potatoes & carrots - yummy!
Yeah, it felt this good to do something for our daddy,
who does SO much for us!
Miss Mia will ONLY wear dresses these days :)
Something I always dreamed of...a real girly-girl;
but it's hard to have a dress for every-single-day!

Mia loves this dress and I love how she calls it
"Hell* Kitty-Cat"...she's been saying the cutest things lately!

Mia's speech is really booming now and I love how she can tell me how she's feeling. Now she is working on saying "I" instead of "Mia-My". I'm really going to miss hearing "Mia-my do a puzzle" or "Mia-my eat-snack-hungry"... just have to love the "eat-snack-hungry" ~ it really does say it all :) Another real cute phrase is "pee pee TOO bad" when she has to go to the bathroom!
Her speech therapist really seems to enjoy her time with Mia.
She said to me the other day, "boy is she f-u-n-n-y" and I
told have no idea what a day with my little miss is like...

F-U-N doesn't even begin to describe it :)
She is just amazing
pieces :)


Barbara said...

Oh Jo, These are all such nice memories that will always mean so much! Mia looks her dress...that is her color, but I say that about every color lol!

The Things We Carried said...

This post made me smile! Because I know what you mean. My Jane delghts me every single day! Mia is so darned cute!