Monday, October 26, 2009


Eddie's "pack night" was a Halloween party for the boys and their families. Each family brought a dessert, there was a parade, costume contest and mingling... I was so glad the families are invited to pack night (den night is just for the dad's and boys - I'm so used to doing things with the kids, that I feel like I'm missing out on den nights - but it is great for daddy and his boy to have time together too. ) This is the best of both worlds :)

Eddie - the clone trooper, and his cousin, Joey
(I love that the cousins are in the same den!)

They get SO into character :)
Beautiful Snow White!

Our cousins, aunt & uncle!
The monster family!

Anthony was a combo baseball/football something-er-other

It was so nice to meet Eddie's den mother - she has 3 little boys and accepted my offer to help out with crafts, etc. I love that I can be involved. I just have to come up with a craft idea and "something fun" to do with the food pyramid...hmm, my first assignment may be a bit challenging. But, I may have an idea already :)

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Barbara said...

Looks like so much fun...everyone looks great in their costumes!