Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Every year our neighbors put together a party for the kids (and adults) in one of the courts in our neighborhood ~ it just gets better every year too! This year is was postponed to Sunday, since Saturday was supposed to be a "wash out". We had the best weather on Sunday and we all had the best time at our neighborhood Halloween party:

Snow White & Commander Cody

Snow White & Hippie-mommy :)
They thought of EVERYTHING

there were bean bag games, ring toss

musical mats, etc!

Mia saw a friend from preschool

and had fun playing ring toss with him :)

Make-a-braclet & necklace table!

Eddie's wrapping me for the "mummy wrap" contest

we lost :)

Yup, they even had a haunted house (um, haunted garage!) It was awesome! I made a zombie-dummy and brought it over a few nights before the party. I could not believe what they had done in this neighbors garage! They covered the walls in black plastic tarp, and then they hung some tarp from the ceilings to make a maze or walk thru and we hung spider webs on the walls - there were spiders, ghosts and 2 boys dressed up; one was behind the 2 way mirror and the other followed people around!! There was even a hall of masks and a "real" witch who spooked you...the older kids really enjoyed it, kids Eddie's age got scared; but it was FUN!

Anthony waits on line for the haunted house with Meaghan's brothers
Mia swings while her brothers & dad go thru the haunted house:)

Paige our little ladybug :)

Paige with mommy & daddy

Meaghan's brother, Mikey, ninja-boy and Eddie

Auntie Michelle with Paigey

Mia with Auntie Michelle

Meaghan Grace & Mia Hope
Cutie Witch & Snowy White

Our three darlings :)
It's always so very special when our girls are all together :)

We really had a great time at the party, seeing friends, playing and just spending a beautiful day outside ~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


Colleen said...

What a great day Joanne!!! Looks like tons of fun!! What an adorable Snow White Mia is!!! Faith dressed as Snow White when she was 3!! (My only year she dressed as a princess!) Of course I had to dress as the evil queen to make her happy! lol
You look great as a hippie!!! :)

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

love the picture of you being MUMMIFIED....

Barbara said...

Wow...looks like such a great time was had by all. The pics of the 3 girls together is so sweet...how special! You look great in your hippie costume! The older ones just don't dress anymore :( Getting so big! Tell Eddie I love his costume...he looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love the hippie costume, you looked really great!! Eddie looks like he had fun in his costume..such nice pictures..Aunt M,