Friday, October 30, 2009


Mia's preschool celebrated Halloween yesterday. The kids and teachers came in costume - I'm sure you all know what Mia is dressed up as by now :)

We dropped the kids off at school like usual - it was funny to see Mia looking at the teachers all dressed with an inquisitive look on her face..."who is that?!" I got a quick picture of Mia and her buddy, Meg before we left. We came back 45 minutes before dismissal for the parade, songs and pumpkin picking...adorable doesn't sum it up:

Here comes my girl!
The teachers had extra help walking all the little ones
out for the parade...they needed it!
Here comes Meggie!

Teachers trying to get everyone to sit for the songs...

The little ones sang Halloween songs - very, very cute! Mia sang a little bit, not much. She was more concerned with getting up...she did not want to sit on the ground with her dress for some reason.

Whenever a song was over, she would stand up...and the teacher would tell her to sit, and she would...

But, she was itching to get up!
When the songs where over - we all went over to a little pumpkin "patch" so the kids could pick one ~ Meaghan's mommy and I took advantage and started a photo shoot! As you are looking at the next few pictures, notice how Mia is ALL girl does not want to stand still for a moment ~ it is SO Mia ~ my active, loving life little girl :)

She just makes me smile from ear to ear ~ just love, love, love my Snow White (umm, who by the way now wants to be a blue butterfly after seeing one of her teachers costumes!! Help!)


Barbara said...

Jo, These are such cute shots...I love Mia's expression while crunching down to sing songs. I can imagine her popping up after she finished singing. So cute! She is one adorable snow white!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Mia cracks me up... look at that smile in every picture.... she is having the time of her life...

Love the costumes on both girls

Anonymous said...

She made such an adorable snow white, as I knew she would..she would look cute in anything..:) I love that the children sang that must have made your heart feel..:)

Aunt Michie