Sunday, November 01, 2009


We had a fun and candy-filled Halloween day and night. It was so nice to have it on a Saturday, so daddy could enjoy (and help out!). The kids tried to wait around patiently to go trick-or-treating ~ as you can see, they hung around our foyer, the front lawn and then after lunch we ventured out!

yes, that flash in the bottom right of the picture is Mia!
So, Mia really did not want to be Snow White anymore...she really wanted to be the butterfly (like her preschool teacher), so mommy brainstormed and even ran up to the party store to find a pair of antenna's; which I couldn't I ended up taking apart a tiara in Mia's dress up box. I took off some of the beads, clipped them off and then secured them on with a pair of pliers...I was so happy with the outcome :) Then, I remembered an adorable hand-me-down outfit from her friend Maddy and "ta daaaa" a pink butterfly:

Do you like my antenna?

Mia flying like a butterfly :)

Pink butterfly flies up to her first house!

We walked around the court with the kids and did
a few houses before Mia's "tired-time"

Hmmm, someone else is looking tired...
at this point Mia was the one walking/running around...
Mia was thrilled to have a very special trick-or-treater: Baby Paige! Or baby fairy Paige!
notice Mia checking out Paiges shoes
she's always been a shoe-girl
and probably always will be:)
holding hands

LOVE this shot!

Hmmm, someone else seems to be as active as Miss Mia...

Eddie goes out with daddy and the big boys
(in the wagon!)
While daddy and the boys were out getting more candy - Mia and mommy relaxed a bit and gave out some candy. Before I knew it, Mia was asleep on the sofa...unfortunately, she missed her buddy Meggie when she came trick-or-treating...
she was a very tired little butterfly :)


Barbara said...

Awww how sweet she looks sleeping with her wings still on :) The costume came out adorable. Eddie relaxing in the wagon is just so Eddie lol! Looks like such a nice

ElissaB said...

I was just telling Morgan how we would trick or treat during the day in New York. All trick or treaers in Florida go out when it gets dark, no earlier. I wonder why???

Colleen said...

Looks like a great Halloween!!! Mia makes a beautiful butterfly!! Faith also had to dress in two different costumes this year. One for school on friday and one for trick or treating.
Growing up in Texas we always waited until the sun went down to trick or treat too. It is this way in CA too. I love the idea of going earlier especially for the little ones.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how great the butterfly costume came out! You did a great job..she's too looks like everyone had fun trick or treating..such nice memories..Aunt Michie

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

You are one amazing mom to throw together such a beautiful costume in just minutes! The kids looked great! Does your neighborhood trick or treat in the afternoon? I love the sleeping butterfly pic!