Thursday, June 07, 2007


"A" had his field day today - it was the perfect day weather-wise - no humidity and a breeze! He really enjoyed himself and he is just getting so big! I see such a difference from years before - he is so independent and is not looking all over to see where I points I was wondering if it mattered that I was there at all! I know differently though - he is the kind of boy who will thank me for being there tonight when I kiss him good-night.

Eddie was bored, tired, hungry, thirsty and of course, no outing would be complete with him announcing, "I have to go poo poo"! Off we went trying to find a bathroom -

3rd grade is just about over - time really does fly by...not the days, but the weeks and months- they seem to disappear. Enjoy the slide show!


Princess Diaries said...

You are so right! You blink and they are grown! Very good slide show (love the captions!)

Daniella said...

Wonderful pictures.

Lori said...

I see that we are LID just 3 days apart!! We also have two little boys! Great slide show, your boys are adorable!

Lori said...

That's how old our boys are!!(well, Ethan will turn 8 next month)That's so funny! I wonder what else we have in common!?!
thanks for visiting and commenting!

Barbara said...

It looks like field day was a lot of fun!!! It was nice seeing all the great shots!

amy said...

What wonderful memories were made!