Monday, June 11, 2007


Eddie saved a little ladybug who was floating in our pool and took a liking to her ~ well, a loving to her! This ladybug stayed with him for at least 45 minutes!

He had her crawling up him arm, on his fingers and put her down on our little tomato plant . . . then, quickly picked her up again, for fear she would leave him. I knew it was inevitable - she would fly away home - so I did a photo shoot of Eddie and his ladybug! You are probably wondering why I don't have those pictures on this post...well, somehow I deleted them!!!!

After a long love affair (I thought it was long for a ladybug to stick around) she flew away - and then the water works started. Eddie wasn't just sad or teary-eyed - he was distrought!!! It took me a while to calm him down. The ice cream cone helped and so did my little white lie that she would be back again soon.

I have been seeing a lot of ladybugs lately ~ are they trying to tell me something?!


Barbara said...

I would say "yes" without a doubt they are telling you something :)

Lori said...

Well I hope she comes back for a visit and I'd have to agree that yes, she does mean something! (Now if only you knew what!) That's a very sweet little story!